July 12, 2024

How to Learn Computer Programming/Coding in 3 Months?

How to Learn Computer Programming/Coding

How to Learn Coding in 3 months for Absolute Beginners and Earn Money ($1000 a month)

For those who are thinking of starting programming learning:

  1. I want to start learning to program, but don’t know where to start…
  2. What are prerequisites, procedures, time-frame, Income level, Future career in computer programming?
  3. I want to do my best, but I do not understand the procedure of how to learn to code and how to earn money from it.

All these questions are answered in this article

How to get started with a programming learning

  • 1. Goal setting: To be able to earn money by coding (in 3 months)
  • 2. Basic preparation: About getting a personal computer
  • 3. Basic understanding: What is programming actually?
  • 4. Learning procedure: Basic learning → Create a simple site
  • 5. Practical practice: Employment or freelance → $1000 a month

Why rely on us?

Message to the Readers:

By reading this article, you will be able to

  1. Set your goals for programming.
  2. Learn how to get started and your career afterward.
  3. Learn how to start earning money and grow it with time.

Programming rescued many of us when we started feeling that we don’t like working at a company anymore on regular basis. We became independent and programming changed our life so we are sharing the complete information on how to start learning and earning with gratitude for programming.

Prerequisites to become a computer programmer:

  • Basic English (as written here)
  • Basic knowledge of operating mouse and keyboard
  • Motivation and zeal to become a programmer

Now let’s take a look at 5 the steps

Step 1:- Goal setting:

Goal Setting

To be able to earn $1000 a month by programming. 

We feel “programming is a tool that makes life easier”, so the basic idea is “To use programming to reduce the difficulty of life”. In our case, we will target to earning money by establishing programming skills in us and giving between average to good quality of work to customers in our starting months and start earning $1000 a month. If all the contents given here are followed honestly, earning $1000 a month is not at all difficult by programming.

Few reasons why [Earning $1000 a month] is easy with programming


For example, in the case of the above projects, the usual payment is about $100 to create a Single-page website. We have 10 years of experience and we can make it in about 3 hours. An absolute beginner like you (after learning coding for 3 months) can make it in one or two days.


The above site gives about $500 to $1000 for 5-page website production. In addition, if the customer is satisfied, it leads to a continuous project billing that leads to a continuous income. A normal software developer may take a week to build an NV absolute beginner like you (after learning coding for 3 months) can make it in two to three weeks.

There are a wide variety of projects in the world, and if you accumulate experience as a programmer, your income is very much likely to increase to $1000 a month within one or two months of implementation. Also, programming is an ever-growing industry, and since the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for programmers (be it work from home or work from the office), has increased manifolds. So it has become more advisable to learn and start earning from a skill that has an ever-growing demand in the contemporary world. So this is all about your Goal setting. However, you can customize this timeline as per your need and your time availability. Now let’s see the second point.

Step 2:- Basic preparation:

Basic Preparation

Get a personal computer

A common question asked by beginners is: What kind of computer should I get?

Conclusion: If you’re comfortable investing, buy a 13-inch Macbook Pro

Reread: It is completely OK if you have a simple Windows PC. The only requirement is that it should be in good condition for 2 to 3 years if you want to be an engineer, and you want to achieve a $20,000 a month income.

Why the 13-inch Macbook Pro is recommended?

For programming, Mac is a standard, and the reason why “Pro 13 inch” is recommended is as follows.

  1. On the Mac, there are plenty of programming apps (most engineers in the world love the Mac).
  2. Intuitive operation increases productivity (once you use a Mac, you can’t go back to Windows anymore)3.
  3. The 13-inch Macbook Pro has high enough specs and a good screen size (it’s also convenient to carry).

There is no problem programming on Windows. However, again, many engineers in the world are Mac users. So, when you search for something you don’t understand, the information for Mac users is often popular on search engines.

Step 3:- Basic understanding:

Basic Understading

What is programming in the first place?

If we explain the work of programming, it is like “the work of giving instructions to a personal computer”.

As like in an office:

Manager: Gives instructions to engineers to run the business

Engineer: Gives instructions to your computer to run the business

Programming is a “language,” as the term “programming language” indicates. Then, who is the recipient of that “language”? It is the PC. It operates in accordance with your instructions. Isn’t it wonderful to be in charge of placing computer orders?

Most Important Questions:

1. Do you have a recommendation about language?

This question has been asked about 100 times, and the answer is, “It is best to start with web-based languages.”

2. Now what is a web-based language?

It’s either HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/PHP.

3. Why web-based languages ​​are recommended?

Because they are easy to learn and easy to start earning with.

As we stated at the outset, our purpose in learning programming is to “earn through programming.” So, in order to earn money quickly, it’s better to choose the “Web system”.The web industry has an enormous future. Please visit The future of the Web industry with reasons for further information.

By the way, if you look at the previous explanations, you’ll notice that

You might believe that HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Python/PHP are all the same.

…This is too much…

…It’s a complete impossibility…” (It’s fine to think this way.)

But Listen…

If you learn HTML, CSS will become second nature to you. If you can comprehend CSS, you can understand JavaScript, and if you can understand JavaScript, you can grasp PHP. will become easy to understand, and so on…

Another crucial question: what about programming in app development?

Some people may think in a different direction. The essential approach for learning to code and beginning to build apps and earn money will stay unchanged.

It’s important to earn money, but more important than that is “What interests you”. App creation is another wonderful option to generate money if you’re interested. It’s true that designing apps may earn you money, and it’s a job that’s in high demand all over the world.In this article, our target is to make you understand the importance of “aiming to be a web developer”.

The basic idea is the same for both application development and web development. If you want to build an app, replace the word “Web” with “app” and continue reading.

Step 4:- Learning the procedure:

Learning the procedure

Basic learning → Create a simple site

The following are the fundamentals of the learning approach.

(1) Learn the basics

(2) Try to make a sample site

That’s it. The technique will remain the same regardless of which reference book you purchase, which school you attend, or which company you learn at.

We should write it 100 times since it is very vital.

“(1) Basic learning → (2) Create a sample site”.

Now let’s quickly jump over HOW you can start learning programming/coding

Learn the basics of HTML & CSS if you want to learn HTML and CSS as per articles, reference books and videos. If you think you have a good understanding of it, consider making your own small website.

If you want to learn JavaScript, Learn the basics of JavaScript read articles, reference books, and watch videos to learn the essentials. If you think you have a good understanding of it, try making something that works. 

Learn the basics of PHP via articles, reference books, and videos if you want to learn PHP. If you think you have a good understanding of it, attempt to create something that works on both the front-end and the back-end (for example, storing data input). by users of your website). 

That’s it. You are now a programmer. (Earning $1000/month)

Let’s dig deeper into the explanation.  

  1. First, let’s go around reading our methods for the first week→ your understanding level will be 30%.   
  2. While studying few more weeks, you can write sample codes → Your Understanding level is now 50%.
  3. While studying for a few months, try the tasks given in the reference→ Your Understanding level is 80%.
After that, your path To a senior developer. (Earning $10,000/month)

Also, Learn the basics of Bootstrap

Learn the basics of JQuery

Learn the basics of WordPress

Learn the basics of Python

How to learn to program using https://www.w3schools.com 

This is the most popular website in the world, and it is excellent for basic learning with real codes.

In the “try now” editor, try to actually write the code.

Verify that the code works as shown in the editor.

It is wonderful to experience learning on this site and today it is the leading platform for all computer programming learners.  

How to learn to program using another programming learning service

The famous programming learning service is “Progate”. https://progate.com/ 

Proceed with learning according to Progate. If you feel like I don’t understand it, proceed without worrying about it. 

Simply remember and follow these procedures, regardless of the material you utilize.

  1. When it comes to the task of actually moving your hands, be sure to do it because nothing can beat the actual practice and building apps using your own code.   
  2. Meanwhile, everyone gets stuck while implementing ideas into codes and everyone takes help from Google. Don’t hesitate to make full use of it. It will add to your skills and learning.  
  3. Again it’s difficult to Google, but be perseverant in it. One day you will become an expert. And that day will not take a long time.
  4. Remember, the best coder is who can search best on Google.   
  5. Still difficult? Rest for a while and repeat.

Many people have the illusion that programming can be learned quickly.

This isn’t entirely incorrect, but you must remember that fundamental comprehension is required regardless of your path, thus we believe that self-study for web development is the best option.

However, this is a matter of taste, so it’s a good idea to try various things. 

Which language should I learn in what order?

This can be in any order, please find the learning route below.

Language learning procedures for web engineers
HTML-> CSS-> Bootstrap-> WordPress-> jQuery-> JavaScript-> PHP

It is the most fundamental and effective way to begin programming. The majority of programmers have utilised and continue to use this method to further their careers as highly compensated engineers in large tech firms such as FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google).  

There are numerous stories of self-taught programmers making 300,000 per year working for large software firms. Well, it is up to you to make fine adjustments, but it’s important to start with HTML first. 

See the page Self-study for web development for specific learning approaches.

This is the summary of study methods for computer programming beginners. 

Another Important Question: What about programming schools?

Recently, the number of programming schools is increasing, and the number of students enrolling in them is too increasing. For example:


But what we think is – if you can’t get motivated by self-education, only then you should use them. 

Because you can be an engineer without ever attending a programming school (We all taught us ourselves).

Also, paying a hefty fee to a programming school doesn’t ensure that you’ll improve faster. 

We believe that the only advantage of attending a programming school is that it is simple for individuals who require external encouragement to stay motivated.

Many school operators may get angry when we say this, but in the end, we will have the opinion that it is YOU the “learning person” who wants to study. So if you feel that “I can do it on my own”, there is no need to pay to a programming school. 

However, for those little unconvinced people here we have listed a few recommended schools. Since they provide many FREE plans also, we feel it’s a good idea to consider them along with your self-study. 

Step 5:- Practical practice:

Practical practice

Employment or freelance independence

After learning to program, “PRACTICE” is essential as mentioned earlier too. 

For three months, the programming learning period is ideal. (About 300 hours) 

After that, we feel you should throw yourself into an environment where you can continue learning by building. 

Getting a job or joining a freelance community, for example. You will make money if you spend half a year learning and implementing programming. 

How much should you learn in 3 months?

The map is given below. Follow this as it is… 

  1. Learn HTML & CSS – Two weeks
  2. Learn and use jQuery and Bootstrap – Two weeks
  3. Understand the basics of JavaScript – Two weeks
  4. You can learn to customize WordPress themes (optional)
  5. Learn PHP Core – Two to Four weeks

Currently, you might think – “What? I don’t understand …” 

But you will definitely understand as you proceed with your study without doubting it anymore.

And surprisingly, you will start liking it so much when you build your first page with HTML and CSS and see how colors and shapes are visible as you wanted them to be. 

Again, we wrote the whole procedure for your success in Programming Self-study for web development [For beginners]”. Follow that path with the goal of earning $1,000 per month and eventually much more.

Also, if you read this article  

How to earn $20,000 per month as a freelance engineer [Our actual experience] 


How to acquire programming skills for income – super concrete examples 

You will become the fastest to deepen your understanding of Programming/Coding skills. 

What is the Best method for programmers? Employment or Freelance Independence?

There is a slight difference between employment and freelance independence, which is explained below. 

Details are mentioned a little further from here, so it’s okay to have a rough understanding for now.

Job/Employment: Look for a company that hires programmers with no prior experience. Tell them during the interview that you are a self-taught programmer that enjoys writing code in an engineer-like manner. Believe us there are companies that hire you. 

Freelancing: Find your freelance websites and friends. If you want to become independent as a freelancer and make money working from home, you have to get clients through various websites illustrating your work (be prepared with 2-3 tasks you have already built). Also, don’t be alone and make friends in the same field as much as possible.

Also, we are often asked…

Which is better, starting from freelance coding?

Or doing freelancing coding after getting a job?

We believe it is contingent on your funds and the abilities you have gained in three months.

If you have savings that you can live for about six months, it’s a good idea to aim for freelance independence.  

Some links to Find Jobs:






Recently, there are many programming schools with a tuition fee of $0 and employment assurance and we have explained this in:  

Can we get a job or change jobs after graduating from programming school? 

That’s it. If you’ve read this far, you’ll be able to figure out how to get started programming and advance in your career.

The flow of programming and development is as follows. Many developers adopt the following route:

  1. Self-study
  2. Web Designer (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap)
  3. Web Developer (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP)
  4. Senior Developer (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, Python, React, etc.) 

Questions about Programming and interviews

At the time of the interview, is it fine to say that I am a self-taught programmer? 

Our Answer

Before going for an interview, or before starting your freelance career, we recommend you create about 3 demo sites of your own that can showcase your programming and designing skills. After that, you should create a profile that tells about yourself in a professional manner. An interview is a place for self-appeal, so it’s okay to declare that you learned it by yourself. There should be no lie in your interview answers since if you join the company and feel that something is not possible for you at the moment, you can quickly talk to your boss. You can immediately develop your talents in such an environment. You can clearly express yourself like:

As a basic-level engineer, I may still lack advanced abilities, but I want to continue learning through my work and contribute to your company while improving my skills. Read for a complete Programming interview Question-answers Flow: 

Question-answers/Motivation/Self-promotion when changing jobs to IT 


I’m thinking of studying WordPress from now on. Is it possible to take on the job just by learning WordPress? 

Our Answer

Yes. It is possible. To comprehend WordPress, however, you must have a fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and JavaScript.

There are many projects and jobs in the programming project sites like:

Create a corporate site for a newly launched company for $1000 to $2000And this is totally a WordPress project.

You can generate enough money off of these projects if you have a decent command of WordPress and look at and analyze them.


While continuing my old job, I would like to receive an order for a web programming job and earn more than $500 a month. How long does it take for a job to be delivered?

Our Answer

The delivery time varies depending on the task, but a reasonable estimate for $500 is 2 to 1 month. It’s a good idea to look for jobs with flexible delivery dates if you’re a novice. The amount of money for urgent work is high, but it is easy to be exhausted because you have to respond immediately. Try to find a project with a flexible deadline before you get acclimated to it.


Is it possible to study independently and work as a freelancer without first acquiring a job?

Our Answer

Absolutely possible. If you want to freelance without a job, as we discussed before in the essay, you should first try to join the freelance community. You will progressively perceive a freelancing way of life if you are in such an environment.

Your productivity may below if you are a complete novice. So it would be helpful if you understand the contents of this article first and make yourself a self-taught learner for about 200 hours.


I would be grateful if you could give me a guideline for “learning HTML and CSS”! Currently, it is difficult to set goals… 

Our Answer

Let’s make a simple site. For example, as a production practice, try creating a site after learning HTML/CSS and note the time in hours you put in to make the final deliverable version of it. You can find simple websites on Google and try to clone them. You may get thorough explanations and codes in YouTube videos.  


I’ve just learned about programming recently, but my PC at home is getting old, so I’m thinking of buying a new one. The blog recommends the MacBook Pro characteristics, but the SSD was just 128GB. Is that enough?

Our Answer

If you’re worried too much about it, you can make your SSD bigger. However, in today’s world, Google Drive and Dropbox exist, so you may save them in the cloud for free. By the way, we are heavy Mac users, and most of the files are stored on the SSD of the main unit, and the capacity used is only 70GB. Furthermore, we believe that it can be lowered much more if it is well organized. That’s it. Please feel free to message us on Twitter if you have any questions.


Some very useful Links:

Link https://www.tech-blogs.co/how-to-earn-money-as-a-freelance-engineer

Link https://www.tech-blogs.co/what-is-backlink-in-seo/

Link https://www.tech-blogs.co/what-domain-name-is-best-for-seo/

Link https://www.tech-blogs.co/what-is-on-page-seo/


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