November 29, 2023

Advanced roadmap of earning from Programming


Advanced roadmap of earning from Programming

Earn more than $1000 a month

Methods that don’t fail

After going through the Basic Roadmap of earning from programming we recommend you to keep learning and move forward to earn more by following this advanced roadmap.

  1. Learn how to make a website responsive
  2. Understand Bootstrap (To create Websites at an explosive speed)
  3. HTML and CSS level check test
  4. How to get freelancing projects
  5. Important points to consider while earning Money from coding  

 1. Learn how to make a website responsive

Responsive means the webpage you made should look good on any screen size, be it a laptop or a mobile phone.

Why is it called responsive, because it means when you resize your browser (to see how your webpage looks on a small device), things like images and sections glide down or the text size shrinks to maintain the readability and to make the viewer comfortable on any device he uses?  

Once you have learned how to make web pages using HTML & CSS, it is not at all difficult to make them responsive by typing some extra codes. If you are still taking time, it is OK. 

Just type “Responsive web design tutorial” on YouTube and learn. In the first few videos, you will get the idea and that’s it. But remember what we always tell you to code along with yourself. 

2. Understand Bootstrap (To create Websites at an explosive speed)

Now, it’s a fun phrase from here. Your learning this far and your learning from now on will change dramatically. 

Learning so far: HTML and CSS – Coding everything from scratch (Though very important).

Learning from now on: You can create a cool site with readymade code!

However first HTML and CSS knowledge is a must! 

We use a framework called “Bootstrap”. If it’s famous, it’s used by world-famous sites. You can learn it from YouTube it will take just ONE or TWO weeks. That’s it!

Also, learn how to use Bootstrap’s grid system for beginners

Beginners will be able to use Bootstrap quite conveniently just by learning two ways to use it.

Basically what you should master is the “grid system” part. Bootstrap is very convenient overall, and one of the reasons why it became popular is the “grid system”. It is a concept of dividing a website into 12 parts and then rectifying the code as per your needs. 

There are too many functions other than the grid system, but at first, it is okay to learn only the grid system and start building websites. 

The latest version of bootstrap is “Version 5”, but you can use “Version 4” for learning. They have similar specifications, so there is no big problem. 

That’s it! Now if you go this far, earning $1000 a month will be within your range. Now let’s do a “level check test” in the next step. 

3. HTML and CSS level check test

Let’s test it. If you can clear this, you will almost certainly be able to achieve $1000 a month. 

First, be prepared for some BAD news in advance

  1. Level check test is difficult if you haven’t practiced enough
  2. You can suffer from small errors and get frustrated
  3. Earning $1000 a month is harder than you think
  4. You may experience that what you have learned so far was just a preparatory stage
  5. And from now, you will see what it’s like to be in real production

Have the courage to take the test. The level check test is replicating the below site using HTML and CSS while looking at this page.  

There are some rules to follow:

  1. Do not copying HTML or CSS code.
  2. For images and videos, use similar material from internet (Without copyright).
  3. There is a PC version and a smart-phone version, so make it responsive to both devices.
  4. When your copy is completed, publish it by renting a server.
  5. It is OK if the search function etc. does not work (let’s imitate only the appearance)
  6. Rent a server at your own expense
  7. Attach basic authentication, and publish it. If you publish it without basic authentication, there may be copyright issues.

And although server rental costs money, it is a necessary investment because if you cannot pay this much that means you are not serious to start. Also, a rental server will always be required if you want to earn as an engineer.

Congratulations (`・ ω ・ ´) ゞ

Now you have the skill of earning $1000 a month by programming. 

Only the aim of achieving $1000 is not the point here. Finally, it will give you all the necessary knowledge and experience to reach a level (in just a few weeks) where you can undertake and finish the projects that amount to $2000 or $3000 a month. Your speed is now very fast. 

But be careful. Your skills are growing, but still, it is important to make efforts to earn money. So now let’s explain how to take projects and how to keep learning while earning. 

4. How to get freelancing projects

It is important to know how to receive an order of building projects and how much MONEY to ask for every kind of website calculating how much TIME you will take to make it. 

Here is the time you become practical:

  1. Start and keep looking for a job/work on various “freelance job sites” like Scrimba or Lancers.
  2. If you clear the mindset and are able to call yourself a “professional engineer”, your earning journey will be started.
  3. Make your profile using HTML CSS to show your coding skills to the clients.
  4. Preferably put some cool CSS animations and graphics to exhibit the beauty you can generate so the client can also imagine his website to be as beautiful.
  5. It is better to link all the projects you have made even if you have made some replicas
  6. Think of your plus points and appeal to them in your Profile. Clear and loud.
  7. Make the client comfortable by showing your interest to communicate and your flexibility for money rates for initial work.
  8. Better if you can give him some samples of what he wants to get for his website.

Most people feel that “I’m afraid to act, so I’ll solidify my foundation first.” However, once again, at this point in time, even if you are still in a state of “insufficient skills, it is also true that you can earn money through your actions and surpass this mental barrier.” So learn to ACT

Sad news: It may not be very easy to earn initially

  1. In the case of Freelancing projects, the competition is fierce and prices are low
  2. The client is often fearful of handling a project as a beginner
  3. There may be many correction instructions even after delivery
  4. You can also start with direct contacts such as contacting by yourself
  5. Be cautious of doing any mistakes while making a quote or making a contract

But still, it’s far more profitable than getting a degree and a job that has a permanent Boss around you with no financial security or flexible timings.

We are not criticizing jobs, but you can understand and accept it as our opinion.

5. Important points to consider while earning Money from coding

  1. In many cases, when you look at the project, you may feel “I can do this…”. At that time, if you think that “This project is 80% understood by me”, you should understand it 100% first and then put a price.
  2. You can search more than you have to propose to the projects that you think you can do.
  3. It is OK to get only one project even if you made 20 proposals.
  4. Many people make a mistake by thinking 1 proposal = 1 order.
  5. If you are a beginner and you have no track record, the order-taking probability will be 10% or less. In other words, even if you make 10 proposals, it would be very lucky if you could get one. So, at first, the number of actions is essential. You have to be stubborn sometimes.
  6. In starting, you can give a discount to receive orders. Though we don’t recommend going too down, it’s your personal choice.
  7. And once you have accumulated achievements, you can raise your order rates.

It’s the know-how that we have accumulated from our years of experience, so please take action and change your life. Programming skills will almost certainly affect your life in a good way.

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