May 28, 2024

14 title examples with the high click-through rate

high click title

14 title examples with the high click-through rate

(Some frequently used title examples)

You write blogs or some content that you want to increase your visibility on Goggle and draw massive traffic on your page isn’t it?

But even if you write and post content daily, no one is reading it. Isn’t it pretty sad?

So how do you increase your visibility on Goggle or can draw huge traffic?
One of the answers is to give your pages a compelling title.

Thankfully, the titles that humans care about haven’t changed since ancient times. In other words, if you imitate a title that was successful in the past, your traffic will increase.

In this article, we have summarized 14 patterns of titles that can increase the click rate and traffic. You can imitate and use them once you have practiced the titles.

So let’s start with the list

You should consider filling these keywords in your title:

1. The keyword “Reason” in your title

Example 1: The one reason you can’t succeed in it

Example 2: Reason why a 20-year-old should start learning to program


2. The keyword “Method” in your title

Example 1: Method to earn 1 million in just one year

Example 2: Method to trade profitably with cryptocurrency


3. A “Number” in your title

Example 1: The 10 best practices to learn JavaScript

Example 2: There are 5 points you should consider while buying a pet.


4. The keyword “Why” in your title

Example 1: Why you can’t get up early?

Example 2: Why do people want unhappiness?


5. The keyword “FREE” in your title

Example 1: Completely FREE! Click here for consultation

Example 2: New course $0 for early entries! Click here to apply


6. Express how can an issue be solved

Example 1: Even a beginner can do it! 5 programming learning sites

Example 2: How I earned $200 a day for a week as an affiliate


7. The keyword “Summary” in your title

Example 1: Selected 10 programming learning websites summary

Example 2: Summary of 20 carefully selected dieting blogs


8. The keyword “Limited” in your title

Example 1: Limited to 5 meals! Now we are offering a 30% discount!

Example 2: Limited to 20 people! Seminar on how to make money with cryptocurrency


9. The keyword “Comparison” in your title

Example 1: Price and features Comparison of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Example 2: Thorough comparison of flight ticket purchase services to the United States! Where is the cheapest?


10. The keyword “Failure” in your title

Example 1: 10 typical job-hunting failure patterns and how you can beat them.

Example 2: Tips for not failing in choosing mobile Wi-Fi


11. The keyword “Money back” in your title

Example 1: One-year money-back guarantee! Click here to purchase

Example 2: 365-day money-back guarantee! Contact Us


12. Provoke the reader

Example 1: Are you exhausted from staying at home?

Example 2: A story that makes me very tired when I spend time with some kind of people


13. Ask the reader

Example 1: Blog promoting techniques! Can you do it?

Example 2: With elementary school math problems too difficult, can you teach your kid?


14. The keyword “Hint” in your title

Example 1: Super-efficient programming learning methods (hint: Southeast Asia)

Example 2: Investment techniques that will never fail [Hint: Currency]

We use these kinds of title patterns that we hope you will also find helpful in the case of drawing traffic to your pages and making your blogs or content more visible to people. For the rest of the techniques, must-watch:

How do these 14 title patterns work and help you become visible to your traffic?

  1. They have the most common typing words used as per the human psychology
  2. They work mainly for any gender any age and in any region
  3. These tile patterns have the answer format for every question you have in mind]
  4. Many people are likely to type them as it is

The title writing as per these techniques is important as you want to get the user according to their need and not as per the standard content you want o read them. There may a case that your content is absolutely correct and very helpful for the reader but there is no meaning of being it on the internet if nobody is actually reaching up there.  

So in order to make everyone be very close to and reach up to your article, it is necessary that you write your content keeping in mind this style of title format. Since they are the question-answer kind of format, you always get an upper edge from those articles that are plain paragraphs with no address to the title no matter how good they seem to be, they are likely to be deemed as normal information without not a particular address to a problem. So now we hope you have got what it needs to make the best title for your blogs.

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