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For Absolute beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing?


For Absolute beginners: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Explanation and Mechanism to earn Money

For the people who don’t know anything about affiliates and want to know the meaning and mechanism of earning Money with advantages and disadvantages

All these questions are answered

We have been into affiliate marketing for about 5 years. We are giving you all the know-how about earning money by automating your affiliate income. Affiliates are a great marketing method, so we will start to explain it from beginner’s point of view. 

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates are performance-based advertising. It is a worldwide phenomenon and many people are earning from it since the pre-pandemic era. For example, a company wants to sell its products online. So apart from advertising, there are other nice and better ways to sell it. They ask affiliates for the products they want to sell. Now imagine you have a webpage or a simple client’s website. You have traffic that views the products you recommend selling. Now you can become their affiliate and agree to sell the product on a commission basis. Affiliates receive compensation (affiliate rewards) as a commission each time they sell the product.

2. Why is Affiliate Marketing better than TV ads?

Affiliate is a mechanism that advertisers don’t want to lose. It is easier to understand and approach the target audience than in TV commercials. TV commercials can be distributed to an unspecified number of people and it is difficult to measure the effect of whether or not they have led to actual sales. On the other hand, in the case of affiliates, since it is a performance-based reward type, it is obvious to measure whether there was a result generated or not.

3. What are the conditions for affiliate rewards?

Pattern 1: When an ad is clicked pattern 2: When an ad is clicked and a product is purchased as an advertiser pattern 2 seems to be better, but this is a case-by-case basis. To understand this accurately, you need digital marketing knowledge, so we won’t dig deeper here. You can get all the basic information here:

All about digital marketing 

It is easier to understand if you read a rough summary of related affiliate terminology and industry terms. 

  1. Affiliate: A person who sells affiliate products. Usually refers to an individual.
  2. ASP (Affiliate Service Provider): A company that acts as an intermediary between affiliates and advertisers. Affiliates can search for products to sell by registering with ASP.
  3. Copywriting/Sales Writing: Writing for selling products.
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): A technology that optimizes a site for Google’s search engine and aims for a higher ranking display on Google.
  5. PPC (Pay per Click): Search-linked advertising where Ads can be delivered based on search keywords.

At first, it’s OK to know only this much. After that, you can and should Google each time while reading to increase your knowledge.  

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliates [Explanation from Two Perspectives]

We will explain first from the affiliate’s side and then from the advertiser’s side. 

Advantages to the affiliate:
  1. Earn from anywhere
  2. No initial cost
  3. No hassle because it is almost automated
  4. Can handle multiple products individually
  5. Acquire web marketing skills
  6. No risk of holding inventory
  7. Earn big if you get the real hang of it
  8. Great learning with earning while you sleep
Disadvantages to the affiliate:
  1. Initially, the reward is zero
  2. It takes time to get the result
  3. It is difficult to maintain patience
  4. The ad unit price may drop suddenly
  5. Sometimes you feel lonely as your socialization becomes low
Advantages to the advertiser:
  1. Less advertising costs
  2. Cost only incurred when product is sold
  3. Advertising requests can be made to an unspecified number of affiliates
  4. Structured sale of own products
Disadvantages to the advertiser:
  1. Initial cost and monthly system cost are required
  2. It is difficult to sell unless the product has a high-profit margin
  3. Affiliates are not interested unless the performance fee is set well

If they have a product with a high-profit margin, only then is affiliate marketing an effective method.

5. What are affiliate and easy-to-sell products? [High-profit margin x complex]

If a product has a high-profit margin and is a complex product (easy to sell online than in shops). The affiliates get high profits too and the motivation is maintained. Usually, affiliate beginners don’t know which product to sell and how to choose. You don’t have to worry about it. Your first goal should be starting with $300 to $500 per month and this level can be achieved with any product. For details, see  

How to choose an affiliate product 

What are the products that are difficult to sell as an affiliate?

Products with a low-profit margin or products restricted to one place.

For example, if a dental clinic in a city uses affiliate advertising, it would not be effective. The reason is that people who search on the Internet may not always live in that City. People all over the country and all over the globe can search for it.

Therefore, even if you use affiliate advertising for that dental clinic, you will lose profits except for people searching from ONLY that City. In these cases, a regional listing is a good choice. In addition, it is important to think about cost-effectiveness for affiliate advertising and web marketing.

6.    How to earn with an affiliate [Explanation in 3 steps]The procedure is simple.

Step 1: Site creation

Step 2: ASP (Affiliate Service Provider) registration

Step 3: Write articles about the product

if you work hard, you can generate more than $1000 of income every month.We will explain the procedure in the order below.

Step 1: Site creation

First of all, your website is necessary because nothing will start without it.WordPress is recommended for creating the site, and the specific method is explained in  

[For beginners] How to start affiliate with WordPress 

In addition, you should also learn the basic knowledge of affiliates, by reading all the articles given here along with working on your site. 

Step 2: ASP (Affiliate Service Provider) registration

One of the tasks that affiliates should do is “choose a product to sell”.Then, to choose the product to sell, you need to register with affiliate ASP. 

Recommended affiliate ASPs are explained in

[Profit making] 9 Recommended Affiliate Sites (With tips and tricks) 

Affiliate ASP has a review time you have to wait for. If you want to earn money as an affiliate, you must register, so if you register early, it’s GOOD. In addition, there are English affiliates, travel affiliates, and app affiliates as fields that beginners can easily reach out to.  

Step 3: Write articles about the product

After creating a site and deciding which products to sell, write articles about the product you want to sell. Sales writing skills are essential to increase affiliate profits in a quadratic curve. Sales writing is extremely effective for affiliates. It means you are writing about all the details and benefits etc of the product that is usually in demand according to the Google keyword search volume. You can easily learn in just a few weeks by writing and reading on your own.

How to write articles that lead to increased sales is explained in (Blog specialization) 

How to write affiliate articles that increase profits (With Examples) 

By the way, there are people who at the start suddenly outsource writing content because they can’t write affiliate articles or they are just not interested. Such people are not likely to succeed and that’s why we do not recommend it.


First of all, write it yourself because it will give you immense knowledge from starting. If you can get the hang of it and put it together systematically, only then you should consider outsourcing it. For more information about this, see: 

Caution: Reasons why you fail to outsource affiliate articles 


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