May 28, 2024

3 Steps to start Affiliate Marketing


3 Steps to start Affiliate Marketing

Earn Huge Income


For those who want to start affiliate marketing:

  1. I want to know the procedure/steps to start affiliate marketing.
  2. For example, a computer beginner who wants to give an explanation and guiding materials that everyone can understand.
  3. How can he/she start earning while giving information?
There are only 3 steps to starting affiliate marketing and earning huge money through it.
[Explanation with Learning Method] 

How to earn huge with affiliate marketing?
If you want to get engaged in affiliate income, consulting business, or attracting customers through the Web, keep reading till the end. Affiliate income alone can cover your living expenses and much more than that. People earn thousands of dollars a month. You can also, do the same and achieve this income in less than 6 months

3 steps to start an affiliate [Explanation with learning method] 

Step 1: Website creation

Step 2: ASP registration

Step 3: Write articles to guide the reader to the product

Step 1: Website creation

First, let’s create an affiliate website. 

There are several ways to create a site however to save time, WordPress is the best. The reason is that you can create a site with a higher degree of freedom without depending on the website developers too much. 

The proper method is explained in the following article

[For beginners] How to start affiliate with WordPress 

Step 2: ASP registration

Register affiliate ASP when the site construction is completed. Affiliate ASP is an affiliate advertiser. For how affiliates work to make money with affiliates, you need to sign an agreement with advertisers, and the site that summarizes the advertisers is affiliate ASP. 

The recommended ASPs are explained below.

They take time around a week to register you for ASP, so be sure to register for the site at an early time. 

[Profit UP] 9 Recommended Affiliate Sites [With Tips]

 Frequently Asked Questions 1: Do you have any recommended affiliate products?

Answer: You should put only those products that YOU yourself believe in and that you are using by yourself. 

You should go through this article first to understand the details of:

 How to choose the product for affiliate marketing 

Step 3: Write articles to guide the reader to the product

After creating the site and registering the ASP, all you have to do is write articles that explain.

It is very easy to understand and to begin with.

Please read: How to write the best articles for your blog 

Every affiliate is making money with this writing method actually. 

Frequently Asked Questions 2: How about if I outsource these blogs/articles?

Answer: YES! By outsourcing affiliate/blog articles, you can ENJOY earning money without having to do anything. 

BUT why do most people FAIL?


Reason: How can you outsource without knowing the type of what can be a profitable blog/article for you or not? 

  1. Articles should be outsourced only when you have your own expertise and knowledge about those articles which can lead to generating more traffic to your pages.
  2. First, write an article yourself, accumulate successful experiences, and then only you should outsource them if you can systematize your successful experiences.
  3. If this is not the case, outsourcing the article will only throw your money in the drain.

For details please have a look:

Reasons for Failure to outsourcing affiliate articles 


Three Tips for Earning with Affiliates

Tip 1: Continuation

Tip 2: Trial and error

Tip 3: Links and Network 

Tip 1: Continuation: 99% of people leave the game at this stage

As you can see from the procedure for starting an affiliate, there are no barriers to entry for affiliates. But the reason most people leave is that they can’t continue. 

There are a lot of people who quit because they couldn’t continue affiliate marketing.

Obviously, you can’t make money from the first month. There are very less people who have the patience to continue for at least 6 months. 

Tip 2: Trial and error: Essential for affiliates

Here are some examples of people who FAIL as affiliates:

  1. They don’t write articles periodically.
  2. They don’t set their goals to sell.
  3. They don’t focus on sales but only think about outsourcing.
  4. Daily learning, daily analysis, and daily improvisation are essential.  

Look: How to imitate know-how from successful sites 

Daily trial and error is important and learning from successful sites are even more important. Affiliate sites and their revenue structure are explained in the article below. 

Learn from successful Affiliate sites 

Tip 3: Links and Network

If you have a friend who is doing affiliate, talk to him regularly. You will be motivated.

Ideally, we should be able to earn some money helping each other. Even when we started affiliate marketing, we had very less affiliate friends but we talked about affiliate marketing every day.  

I think your growth rate and marketing skills will become much rich and faster if you can share your thinking with other successful experienced people.

For example: Search on your Social Media
  1. Twitter: There are so many affiliate marketers who can help you by guiding you: Follow them and research and study regularly in a good way.
  2. Instagram: There are affiliate marketers who sell their products by posting beautiful pictures and descriptions: Follow their style. Don’t copy but improvise by learning with them.
  3. Summary: The steps to get started as an affiliate are simple. But 99% get frustrated because they forget “continuation”.


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