November 29, 2023

Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide

affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide

From $Zero to $10,000 a month

All the knowledge and answers in 28 blogs

 We have summarized the Basics of Advanced affiliate Marketing methods and techniques for beginners to become experts and earn huge income from Affiliate marketing.

1. Want to know what an affiliate is and how to earn money from it
2. No need to invest any money and no need to purchase anything. It is FREE
3. If you have currently Zero page views and Zero Customers Know how to increase customers and profits
4. Know how to increase customers and profits
5. Read all 28 blogs in order from top to bottom
6. You can learn from the basics till the final of affiliate marketing
7. And you will be able to aim for a monthly income of $10,000 or more

Even if you’re suspicious and your monthly income is zero, it is time now to learn affiliate marketing and enrich your life. We and everyone have benefited from affiliates in our life. So let’s share this experience by going through this summary of the whole affiliate knowledge. 

Why believe us?

  1. We helped more than 70 affiliate revenue generation models in the past 5 years
  2. Their total turnover exceeds 1 million dollars per month combined
  3. We guarantee reliability through the know-how of blog/content management based on both relational and non-relational databases
  4. Every experience explained in Affiliate marketing complete guide with failure reasons
  5. Affiliate Introductory Knowledge: Starting from the path of site creation till earning
  6. By reading all the articles, we guarantee: You will understand the general knowledge of affiliates and what you should do concretely to earn $10,000 a month

So without further ado let’s jump onto the real knowledge of how to earn from affiliate marketing Step by Step:

1. For beginners: What is affiliate marketing? Explanation and mechanism

Get all the answers to these questions.

  1. What is an affiliate?
  2. Explanation of the meaning and mechanism with terms
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliates (Explanation from Two Perspectives)
  4. What are easy-to-sell products with affiliates? (High-profit margin x complex)
  5. Explanation in the flow of how to earn with affiliates (Explained in 3 steps)


2. Very easy 3 steps to start with an affiliate (Guaranteed income)

Know the procedure for starting an affiliate.

  1. Simple kind of explanation so that anyone can understand
  2. Tricks and tips for earning
  3. Procedure for starting an affiliate
  4. Three tips for earning with an explanation of how to start


3. Basic recommendations for affiliate beginners (Importance of taking action)

  1. Before starting to think and plan as a first step, it is important to understand the necessity of taking action. Gain Affiliate Basic Knowledge: Let’s reach a more detailed level than ordinary people.
  2. Let’s learn ASP, affiliate method, and product selection as basic knowledge of affiliates.
  3. In addition, it summarizes how to absorb know-how from the sites that earn money.

However, you cannot move fast unless you actually start doing the stuff and experience it from your hit and trial. So start now.


4. Profit-making 9 Recommended Affiliate Sites (With tips and tricks)

Here are some tips for earning from affiliates. If we write blogs for affiliates, we can make a profit of some dollars. It’s good because it is not Zero. But for those who want to know how to proceed after this and how to earn big from the affiliate system, there are recommended ASPs, and behind-the-scenes tricks to increase profits rapidly.


5. Three types of affiliates and methods (What is Suitable?)

For those who have such questions.

  1. What kind of affiliates are there for me?
  2. I want to start affiliates with a method that suits me after knowing the whole picture.

This article will explain the “types & methods” and “Suitability” of affiliates. Become good at SEO affiliates and monetize at the almost fully automated level.


6. [No study required] What affiliate beginners should do before choosing products

For those who are uncertain about choosing affiliate products. In this article:

  1. Reasons why beginners do not need to learn “How to choose affiliate products”
  2. What affiliate beginners should do before choosing a product
  3. For users with 10,000 PV or more per month
  4. Three tips for choosing affiliate products (Explained in order)


7. [For beginners] Why affiliate ASPs need not be compared

If you have such kind of questions:

  1. I want to compare affiliate ASPs
  2. Which ASP is recommended?
  3. I want to select the most suitable ASP while comparing each company

Know the answers in the contents of this article:

  1. It’s not worth comparing affiliate ASPs for beginners.
  2. Affiliate ASP and Peripheral Knowledge That Beginners Should Know 


8. Why affiliates are profitable?

Know why an affiliate method is profitable and why is it suitable for you in the modern IT age. We have explained in detail the questions “Why do affiliates make money?” and how affiliates make money if they have gathered the knowledge about it.   


9. [Success stories] Affiliate blog example: 3 selections [Monetization design]

For those who wish to know:

  1. I want to start an affiliate blog and I want to see an example of a blog that can be used as a reference.
  2. If I can imitate a successful site, my affiliate reward will increase or not.
  3. How to find out the articles for the source of revenue for affiliate blogs
  4. Examples of successful affiliate blogs


10. We have summarized the importance of working for affiliates logically

  1. Get the list of articles on how to maintain motivation while improving your skills
  2. Especially writing skills are important
  3. Affiliate Beginner Knowledge: Stay motivated while improving your skills.
  4. The reason most people fail in affiliates is frustration.


11. Two Skills Required for Affiliates [The Best Way to Stay Motivated]

Know the skills required for affiliates

  1. Know the necessary skills and learning methods
  2. Know the difficulty level and how to surpass it
  3. Know only two skills required for affiliates
  4. Activity and continuity are more important than skill
  5. We’ll walk you through the best ways to stay motivated as an affiliate


12. [Blog specialization] How to write affiliate articles to increase profits [With Examples]

For Bloggers: How to Write Affiliate Articles That Make Money

  1. How to Improve Affiliate Article Writing Ability
  2. Valuable tips and tricks to increase Affiliate income from blogs
  3. Summary from basic writing to content management   


13. About consumer perspective importance with affiliate mechanism

Know how affiliates work when you want to start affiliates from now on

  1. What kind of structure is it?
  2. What information should you know in advance?
  3. What is the basic affiliate mechanism?
  4. What you should remember from the consumer’s point of view about the affiliate system
  5. We will explain in order of what to do after understanding the affiliate mechanism


 14. Affiliates are not suspicious at all

  1. Knowing about this is an opportunity to start earning through an online affiliate system
  2. Why people don’t understand a very basic thing about affiliates
  3. Get the conclusion by experimenting with the ways told   


15. Sales writing that is extremely effective for affiliates [Learning method]1.   

  1. Affiliate Intermediate Knowledge: Increase your income.
  2. Learn sales writing, horizontal deployment, and automation to boost your affiliate income.
  3. Reasons why affiliate income and sales writing are closely related
  4. How to differentiate from competing sites with sales writing
  5. How To Learn Effective Sales Writing For Affiliates


16. Earn huge income per month] Two affiliate tips of analysis and work method

Get the knack for affiliate marketing with the tips of blog affiliates. Also, get SEO methods for big companies that can be your customers while you make automatic profits with affiliates. Get the analysis and work method to make your income multiply by applying the same methods to other companies while you win this game with one company.    


17. Reasons why we fail in outsourcing articles for affiliate

Please learn this line: No one can write articles for you as passionately as you can.

For those who think:

  1. I have made an affiliate site, but I’m tired of writing articles
  2. I’m not making much money now so I want to outsource articles
  3. How should I outsource? I don’t want to fail.
  4. Answer – You will throw away your money if you haven’t practiced writing by yourself
  5. So be careful if you want to outsource without understanding the way first


18. Reasons why affiliates do not increase income [Failure pattern and How to avoid]

For those who want to know:

  1. The reason why my affiliate income is not increasing in the beginning   
  2. Writing techniques to increase the income with affiliates are explained in two points
  3. Why do many people get bored with affiliate marketing even on high PV a month
  4. The reason is that “Since we are not making much money now we will not in future too
  5. However, if you can make 10,000 PV a month, your huge automatic income is just around the corner   


19. How affiliates can earn a stable income for 5 years

For those who want to know – I want a stable income as an affiliate. What kind of genre should I enter and what technique should I use to make an affiliate a stable income for 5 years? All the answers are given for such kinds of questions. In this article, we write a story that it is impossible to have a stable income for 5 years as an affiliate and a way of thinking to prove it wrong.   


20. [No improvement] A story about creating a new site if affiliates are sluggish

If you are thinking of running multiple sites as an affiliate, know this:

  1. It may take time to create a new one as good one
  2. What should you do if you are an affiliate and you are sluggish with your old site
  3. You can create a new one but how to improve
  4. Dramatic improvement cannot be expected even if a new site is launched know why
  5. Things to be careful about when launching a new affiliate site to earn huge   


21. Best blogging tools as an affiliate [Ranking introduction]

To remain in high ranking as well as to be high on purchasing your affiliate product:

  1. You have to use the recommended tools for blog affiliates
  2. Also, the tools that are used by advanced users
  3. Get to know the tools and sites that we love to use as a blog affiliate for ranking


22. Only one server recommended for affiliates [Developer talks]

Contents of this article:

  1. The recommended server for affiliate beginners
  2. How to build an affiliate site
  3. Know the step for the site and server that affiliates should know at least
  4. The knowledge that even beginners can use easily


23. There is no recommended WordPress theme for affiliates (Choose the safe one)

If you are a beginner, you can choose any safe WordPress theme. We can tell you the reason and a safe WordPress theme that will lead to increased sales. But it all depends on the other tactics that we told you in all these articles. Keep reading and keep implementing.  


24. Value of affiliate marketing on foreign language blogs? [Considering future potential and profitability]

For those who are new to affiliates and have questions like should I be an affiliate on a foreign language learning blog? Or, I want to know the future potential, profitability, and tips for earning well. In this article, we have summarized the affiliate value (profitability, recommended reasons, and earning methods) of foreign language learning blogs.    


25. Tips and examples of earning with app affiliates [With income estimates]

All these questions are answered in this article

  1. Can we actually make money through app affiliates?
  2. What is the income standard?
  3. What are the tips and tricks for earning
  4. What are the recommended ASPs?
  5. Which genre should you target?
  6. Why choosing a category is important if you are starting an affiliate. 


26. What life is like earning from affiliates [Procedures are also explained]

If you want to look into the life of the people who earn from affiliates and know what kind of income or what level of income do they make from affiliate marketing? Do read this article. Contents of this article: 

  1. Things to remember when earning from affiliate marketing
  2. Know what is more like in ordinary life than earning as an affiliate
  3. Learn 3 steps with an explanation to earn with affiliates


27. For beginners: Reasons for recommending affiliates as a side business

Youngsters, especially in this modern age of IT and gadgets, usually think:

  1. I wonder if I should start an affiliate as a side business
  2. I have a strong desire to make extra income, but can affiliates really make money? Know the reasons why we recommend affiliates as a side business and how to get started. In addition, we touch on the frequently asked questions from beginners like how much time to spend and my suitability with tips and tricks.


28. [Easy for anyone] How to easily earn $10000 with affiliates [Continuity is the key]

Is there an affiliate method that anyone can easily do? All is told imagining the readers are beginners and what we want to teach you here is that continuity is the key. Also, in this article, we will explain how anyone can easily earn $10000 as an affiliate. If you are wondering what the whole story summarized here is, please check the page and start reading from the beginning in a relaxed manner.


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