May 28, 2024

How to choose an affiliate product (For beginners)?


How to choose an affiliate product (For beginners)?

This article will answer all the below questions:

  1. How to choose an affiliate product
  2. Will the product be profitable or not
  3. Which product is better to choose as a long-term product
  4. I’m not interested in selling hair loss products or green juice
  5. Should I study products? What should I do?
  6. Why you don’t need to study in deep to choose an affiliate product
  7. What affiliate beginners should do before choosing a product
  8. For users with good Page Views: How to select affiliate products

We will explain with examples of sites that earn huge and the genre is very simple.

Why beginners don’t need to learn “How to choose an affiliate product”

The correct answer is NOT to choose the product in the first place.
Because you can work more efficiently if you can calculate back from the products you want to sell. Let’s see how.


Set your goals to sell the product: In what time with what Money and How?Answer: Write articles to target to sell your affiliate product 

In starting, you may FAIL, because even if you decide to sell the product, you can’t think of what kind of article to write…

Now you will succeed 

What to do before affiliate beginners choose their products? Answer: Let’s get huge traffic first. Affiliate beginners must first gather traffic by looking at the search console, and analyzing and writing articles. HOW?

  1. Think of articles that you can write from your past experience
  2. Make a blog article in a categorized form
  3. The reader should be guided to your other related blogs
  4. Introduce the products you purchased at that time on your blog
  5. Your sentences should be natural and there must be keywords in them

Example: How to learn Web programming in 3 months 

While summarizing the know-how when we posted an affiliate link to guide the readers towards a more effective website that encompasses whole knowledge and thankfully the traffic has increased manifolds. 

  1. From the beginning, it is not good to write articles that are too focused on selling things.
  2. First of all start with the information that should be given for the benefit of the beginners.
  3. Especially for beginners, it is recommended to start with articles based on your actual experience. Don’t deceive them.
  4. You can make huge money per month in any genre if you write honestly as told above.
  5. In fact, you can aim for $1000 a month without having to select products or genres in the first place.
  6. The end of the story is that if you don’t start acting and keep researching things, you will go nowhere.
  7. So first start working and then keep improvising.

For intermediate affiliates with good Page Views: How to choose affiliate products 

The specific procedure is as follows. 

  1. Category selection: Select your field of expertise
  2. Research ASP: First, list the products likely to sell
  3. Google search: See advanced articles

After these 3 steps are done, all you have to do is post affiliate product links and write articles to guide readers to them. 

Now let’s understand these 3 steps deeply:

1. Category selection: Select your field of expertise

You can choose any products like hair removal cream or green juice supplements, but first of all, we recommend your specialty. This is because even if you have a little knowledge about such kinds of products and you write about them initially, it is difficult to expand in the long run unless you have expertise.

As a risk hedge, you should choose a field that leads to skill improvement while being affiliated. The first thing you should aim for is income.

If you achieve that, you can say that you are an advanced affiliate


2. Research ASP: First, list the products likely to sell 

For example, if you select “Programming category”, search within ASP and choose programming learning organization as a sample. 

Since the number of projects is huge, it is OK if you first pick up the products that you think are likely to sell. 


3. Google search: See advanced articles

For example, search for [Programming learning method self-study]. Study those articles that appear at the top. 

[Programming Self-study] The strongest study method and recommended books to become excellent in Programming 

Introducing high-quality teaching materials and effective study methods for learning Programming by yourself (For beginners)

 As expected, these kinds of articles that have come up on Google should have been making thousands of dollars every month. 


Tips for choosing affiliate products. (Three points) 

①: Choose a popular product

②: Select products that affiliates often introduce

③: Choose products that you really think are good 

Points (1) and (2) are actually quite important, and popular products are sold in order to sell, so it is best to ride the wave.

Also, what affiliates often introduce means that there is a lot of researched information on the Web, which also leads to easy sales. 

Finally, Point ③: “Choose products that you really think are good” is also an important matter of course. 


Because it’s easier to write about them and it is not unnatural of course it will make your buyer happy and satisfied if he has first believed in you and then in your product. It’s obvious. 

Summary on how to choose affiliate products
  1. Beginners do not have to choose affiliate products. You should write articles based on your past experience.
  2.   Continue writing articles and start choosing products when you exceed 10,000 Page Views a month.
  3. Affiliate product selection can be researched in 3 steps (Category confirmation → ASP search → Google search).
  4. Once you have selected the product, write and describe as much as you can
  5. Three tips for choosing affiliate products 1. Choose popular products. 2. Choose products often introduced by affiliates. 3. Choose products that seem really good to yourself


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