June 20, 2024

What are the Best programming/coding learning websites?

Best programming/coding learning websites

Best programming/coding learning websites

Along with effective programming learning methods

Most programming learning sites are FREE

For those who are looking for the Best programming learning sites 

Good quality materials and continuous effort are essential to learning programming efficiently. In this article, we introduce you to programming learning sites that make you satisfied when you code along and practice.

Learning coding/programming at your home for FREE at your own pace is an effective shortcut instead of going to expensive programming schools. But this is TRUE only for those who can consistently practice and love to take coding challenges as FUN to earn huge money after becoming good at it.

1.    How to find a programming learning site that suits you?

2.    And how to know what you like? 

There are roughly three patterns you can categorize and find what best suits you.

1.    Learning coding/programming from YouTube videos (DevEd, WebDevSimplified, Mosh Hamedani)

2.    Learning coding/programming from website articles and documentation (Moz, Tpoint, Stackoverflow)

3.    Learning coding/programming from live online coding editors (w3schools, codepen)

4.    Some other useful resources

Like most programmers do, they learn from videos along with reading some documentation and keep solving the problems that come in between the process of learning. Coding learning is often a result of all the hits and trials of your smart works, so video option is found the easiest to understand.

Some people like learning from sites, some people like videos, and some people like coding editors. So it is recommended that you should try everything starting from YouTube videos that are FREE and obviously you can adapt while searching best videos for you. 

They are easy to understand compared to traditional books and college studies. Try it for the time being, and if it doesn’t work, think of another method. It will be enough to try each pattern for about a month.

That’s all for the introduction, let’s take a look.

1.    Learning coding/programming from YouTube videos (DevEd, WebDevSimplified, Mosh Hamedani) 

Learning with YouTube videos is the best that’s what we recommend. Some reasons why we advise you to start with YouTube videos first:

1.    When learning with YouTube videos, you can play at a faster or slower speed or you can pause.

2.    Every starting step like installation etc is explained just like a school or sometimes even better on YouTube.

3.    If you are a programming beginner, you can start with FREE video series first. Then later you will find that you will NEVER have to purchase any course actually.

4.    You can compare the same thing with different YouTube video makers.

5.    You don’t have to stick to the timings of a school or commute daily.

6.    The number of videos is large and the quality is high. The level meets with the original school learning level. Even sometimes it is better.

7. Later you can make and upload your video tutorials if you love them.

In general, learning coding/programming from YouTube videos is the way that most programmers follow. Not even coding, later you can find your best taste and interest in some niche area like designing, animation, backend or frontend developer, game maker or app developer.

2. Learning coding/programming from documentation and website articles

We introduce 3 major sites where you can learn programming in general and the site where you can learn coding in order.

1.    Moz

2.    Tpoint

3.    Stackoverflow 

But there may be some problems with this method if you are beginning to learn solely from this method:

1.    The information may become too dense to consume as it is written.

2.    Usually some help from a mentor or teacher is required. That’s why we have introduced you to the video method first.

3.    For beginners, their article may be too long and frustrating, even if the quality is good.

4.    It is difficult to manage the time schedule and pace of study.

5.    Sometimes you need someone to speak and guide you when you start coding or making some project.

So that’s why there is a complete path of coding learning given to make you first understand how, when and what steps are required to learn to code and start earning money.

Basic Roadmap for learning programming/coding 


Advanced Roadmap for learning programming/coding

There is a nice step-by-step guide and summary of learning methods for web production. It’s all about how you’ve to learn web production in the best manner.

3. Learning coding/programming from live online coding editors (w3schools, codepen)

When you start coding in an online coding editor like:




You will feel like “Wow, why I didn’t really know about it?” It is so wonderful to type and sees your result in no time. And you can see the code result while you have made the changes as per the instructions. Also, it is better to code following their guidance and you will learn too many things in a very short time. 

4.    Some other useful resources for Best programming learning websites

Another resource is www.udemy.com where you can learn programming in general.

It is a platform where programmers can also sell their videos. Usually, there are good videos, but still, it is recommended to view the samples or review comments before making a purchase.

Laracasts (Learn the PHP framework Laravel)

if you want to become a PHP master, Laravel is a must, and then www.laracasts.com is a nice option for you. The instructor at Laracasts is a celebrity in the programming world, and the explanations are very easy to understand.

It is divided into paid videos and free videos, but it is worth paying for.

Codecademy (Learn programming learning in general)

www.codecademy.com is where you can learn to code, interactively, for free. It is also a popular way to learn over 12 coding languages ​​including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, and Ruby. 


1.    It would be best if the requirements for Education are EFFORTS and discipline only. Not money.

2.    The people who couldn’t study due to financial restrictions can study online in the modern age.

3.    Today, most programming learning sites and Videos are FREE. And IT is the best way to learn FREE and generate income.

4.    All you need is your plan and motivation to stick to it. 

All the best!

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