February 25, 2024

How to Learn Coding FAST?


How to Learn Coding FAST?


8 points to consider while you want to learn coding/computer programming FAST, no matter whether you are learning through paid online courses or just by yourself:


  1. CODE ALONG: If you want to learn fast, you should never forget to code along with the instructions given. Whenever we feel that it is easy and I can skip the typing part, there is always some or other detail that is overlooked. And once you set your habit of coding along with your instructor, you will see the magic of you becoming so good at coding in a very short time. One more thing to understand is that even if by looking at the code you can understand it, once you start typing even the basic code, you will see how fast you have started typing. It is just the same as becoming fast in typing an English essay because now your fingers have the habit developed typing like a coder. If you are a beginner, the best resources to learn at your home are: w3schools.com


  1. TRY THIS: You should always mix and match your abilities. Never think that once I am over this level then only I should try this different thing. Keep trying because every tech has its basics and advanced. Moreover, every technology has something in common with its counterpart. For example, HTML coding has many things that are bonded with CSS coding. JavaScript has much stuff that you are already well versed in while learning CSS. So it is never bad to try your hands at some new language or some new technology while you are sticking to the basic technology at hand. Obviously, it is advisable to put more focus on your fundamental learning path before going too deep into the newer one.


  1. COMMUNICATE: It is best to communicate with some fellow learners as you will definitely learn some new tricks or shortcuts because this tech area is so vast and ever-evolving. No one is perfect and no one is dumb. Everyone has his/her own liking and as per their likings, their mind tends to learn new things while you must have learned a different new thing while coding. So good computer programming learners must have this trait in them to ensure they are also evolving in the technology world.


  1. DISCIPLINE: It is essential to understand it is a disciplined learning path. By fast we don’t mean that you will learn coding or computer programming overnight. The disciplined study even if it is only for a few hours is absolutely required. Better if it is your daily habit. Even if you code some very things or no matter if you code for only some restricted hours due to your current job etc, you will do wonders in just a few weeks of your learning if you stick to the plan. The biggest mistake we do in the beginning is that we make a hi-fi plan with enthusiasm and then we ourselves are not able to follow it. Putting your rest time or work time into your plan is another very essential ingredient in order to be in discipline.


  1. IMAGINE MONEY: Keep thinking every day that what will happen if you start earning at least that amount that can support your monthly expenses. That’s it your journey to earning huge money starts from here because now you are free of any other job or time-consuming work just to earn your monthly expenses. Now you can focus on shrinking your coding time for clients while maintaining the same amount of income by learning faster. Always motivate yourself to reach that level and name it like “Level of Freedom” or whatever you like. Plan carefully how much time will you take to reach there and keep reminding yourself of that name. By doing this your coding learning will become fast. Your mind power is your strongest support while learning to code.


  1. FOCUS: Even if you learn 1 or 1.5 hours per day, you can learn as fast as others who put their long time learning but actually spend most of it daydreaming about income. Yes, you will also one day start earning by coding sitting anywhere in the world without any Boss. But only if you want to bring that day closer to you, you need to focus. By saying stay focused what we mean actually is to focus on your core study without any doubts or inhibitions about income. For those who become better in coding and start earning, there are many ways to get open for them because now they are communicating with clients, friends, mentors, and most importantly themselves.


  1. ENJOY: Coding becomes relaxing and so much confidence-giving once you start building your own stuff. That happens in just a few days of learning HTML and CSS. So it becomes an enjoyment when you see yourself building a web page for example that exactly looks like a website. Next step when you make it look more like a professional website when you become better in CSS. Next, you can deliver your own designs to the clients at your own rates will give you immense confidence and the power to proceed to the highest level of earning money from it.


  1. UNDERSTAND FIRST: In case you want to understand and get motivated to reach the level of high earning by coding, please look at the How to learn coding in 3 months.


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