July 12, 2024

Learn Complete SEO Techniques


Learn Complete SEO Techniques for Fast Ranking

[Basic SEO – Intermediate SEO – Advance SEO]

  • From Basics to Final applications of SEO methods
  • All SEO techniques that are rapidly evolving
  • A comprehensive collection of SEO tricks and information

Why rely on us?

We have been doing programming and SEO for about 10 years.

And now we live as freelance programmers and SEO engineers.

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Message to the Readers:

You will be able to learn a lot if you read this post.

  1. Perfectly perform SEO on any large or small application
  2. Learn how to grow and your career afterward.
  3. Start earning money and win your SEO game.

There are many people in the world who say that they are familiar with SEO but have not disclosed their achievements. It is unnatural. We are disclosing all the information in this blog and all the know-how is open to the public for free.

Introduction to SEO Measures: Must-read for absolute SEO Beginners

Understanding search engines is essential for SEO techniques. After understanding search engines, let’s get an overview of SEO. We have prepared three SEO introductory level articles as below.

1. How does a search engine work? [Explanation of types, comparisons, and optimizations in order]·

  • What is a search engine?
  • Kind of search engine?
  • How to be ranked high in the search?

We have summarized the methods of comparing types and optimizing from the mechanism of the search engine. If you want to study SEO or are interested in web marketing, don’t miss this opportunity to learn it.

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2. [For absolute beginners] We have summarized the basics of SEO measures, have a look.

For those who want to know the basics from the outline of SEO measures. In this article, we will explain the basics of SEO measures in order. For those who want to know more deeply, we also post links that dig deep into each item. If you are an SEO practitioner, take a look at this article.

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Basic SEO Measures-Intermediate: Effective Skills of content writing Even in 2022

As of 2022, it is clear that it is better to attack with real SEO techniques than to spam and play cat and mouse with Google. The reason is that anti-spam updates are quick and effective now. The three most important SEO skills are as follows.

  • SEO writing power·
  • Understanding long tail keywords·
  • On-Page Internal SEO

Let’s take a look at these articles to understand the above one by one

3. How to write articles that get the top search in SEO [From article design to writing]

Are you having trouble not being displayed at the top of the search in SEO? In this article, we have summarized how to SEO optimize your articles to get top search results. It contains all the SEO-specific methods from article design and writing. Also, it has common failure patterns that are almost ignored by everyone during the implementation of SEO activities. We have explained on the basis of specific data. Have a look if you want to aim for the quality articles that are best for top search in SEO articles.

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4. Basics of long-tail SEO + Understanding of CVR [Way to mastering your SEO skill]

It is an article that goes up from the level of “What is long-tail SEO?” to the level where you can call yourself “A long-tail SEO master”. Specifically, we have summarized the basic knowledge of long-tail SEO, the conversion rate, and the method of displaying higher ranks with long-tail SEO.

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5. On-Page SEO internal measures: We explained our 7 years of SEO journey

It’s been about 7 years since we mastered and performed excellently in SEO. We have summarized the points of internal measures. There are some technical parts also, if you don’t understand, keep reading further, it will become clear with time.

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Intermediate to advanced SEO techniques:

Keyword selection, SEO techniques, and necessary Tools

Now you have basic skills, so it is time now to learn intermediate-level SEO design and analysis. For you at this stage, we have introduced 5 articles. Learn them in sequence while implementing the latter 2 articles (addition of back-links and the number of keywords). Though, we have also given a detailed explanation to prevent you from mistaking them while implementing them on a website. 

6. How to select SEO keywords in 5 simple steps

To you who have implemented the website by HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, or let’s say for an even a simpler example, you have completed the WordPress setup and now you decide “OK, let’s do the SEO”, have you completed the SEO keyword selection? By selecting SEO keywords, you can clarify the direction and schedule of articles to be written. In the article, we have summarized the specific method of SEO keyword selection in 5 steps.

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7. From the importance of SEO titles – Way to SEO improvisation

This is the most important article for those who know the importance of title tags but don’t understand them deeply. A comprehensive summary of what you need to know about title tags. This article does not contain any abstract or hypothetical information and these are all proven based on the data.

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8. Best SEO tools for web marketing. Have a look.

If we Google for [SEO tools], there are many articles like 50 useful tools for SEO and blah, blah, blah… Don’t use that much! They can be classified into access analysis tools, keyword analysis tools, and site analysis tools that’s it. And there are 7 in total.

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9. What is an external back-link: Tips for installing

It is essential to increase access to your target website by using SEO backlinks. In this article, we have written the importance of backlinks and if it is really necessary. It also covers internal links that are super important for the SEO community. It’s important to raise your ranking, but what about value? Don’t just focus on raising your ranking but do it along with valuable keywords. In this article, we will show you the value of raising the ranking with SEO along with valuable keywords for long-term benefit.

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10. Black Hat SEO [Ranking up by adding keywords]

 For those who want to know the effect of increasing the number of keywords with SEO. You will get all your answers to the questions like – Is it OK to increase the number of keywords? Can it become spam? We have answered all such questions. In conclusion, if you increase the number of SEO keywords, the ranking increases definitely. Understand it with an example.

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Above are the articles from basic to advanced levels of SEO. From now on, we will summarize detailed knowledge and peculiar specialties of SEO.

11. What Domain name is best for SEO?

Tricks give the upper edge to win over others in the SEO game, so it is better to do than to ignore them. What is SEO-optimized domain selection? [Why is it best to have a unique domain?]

Does choosing a domain really affect SEO? What should I do when choosing a domain? We have answered these questions. The first thing to understand is your own domain. What kind of services do you provide? What is your genre, specific area? Another concept is used domains and free domains. This article is for those who want to acquire an excellent domain to accelerate their website.

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12. Content Update and rewriting for SEO 

We hear that rewriting is important to raise SEO. But is that true? Most people have misunderstood it. Rewriting is the process of “understanding and improving your challenges.” In some cases, SEO rewrite may increase the inflow, but the success rate can also drop significantly. To find the real problem and rewrite it to solve it.

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13. Explanation of nofollow and noindex tags [How to use, SEO results & Setting methods]

For those who don’t understand the meaning of no-index and no-follow tags. And for those who want to take effective SEO measures by mastering the no-index and no-follow tags. In this article, we will explain the meaning and usage of the no-index and no-follow tags, their SEO result, and how to implement them on your WordPress site.

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14. Word count for SEO (Earn in Millions if SEO techniques and word count are optimized)

The number of characters is important in SEO. For those who want to know how many characters should you write? In this article, we proved the effectiveness of long SEO while explaining how to derive the optimum number of characters. There is also an example of earning $2000 with one article, so please take a closer look.

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15. How to write SEO-optimized alt tags with specific examples [Backlinks derived from alt-Tag]

This article explains the meaning and importance of alt-tag, all the reasons why it is effective for SEO measures, and how to write them concretely. The alt-tag is simple, but if you write it cleverly, there will definitely be a jump in SEO. So don’t miss this opportunity to become a super master of SEO.

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16. [SEO technique] Detailed explanation of metadescription [With template example]

For those who want to know comprehensive information about meta-description of SEO measures. In this article, we will explain how to implement and effectively write from the perspective of meta-description. There is a detailed methodology in the meta-description that is essential to learn.

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17. If you want to outsource, simply connect to the Best SEO companies.

It is good to have SEO skills in you, but if you don’t find time, and since also there are surprisingly very few good SEO marketers, there is no choice but to outsource. Here are some tips for choosing an SEO company also with our best-recommended companies. How to identify a good SEO company? For those looking for a good SEO company, we have introduced our recommended company with points on how they are distinguished in good SEO services.

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18. SEO techniques For intermediate users:

Why you shouldn’t study web marketing by reading a book? This article is for those who want to study web marketing through books. In conclusion, web marketing should be learned from real hands-on practice, summarizing its methodology and reasons, and real exposure to data. If you want to improve your web marketing skills, please have a look.

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19. What about requesting SEO from an SEO company?

We, as SEO consultants, explain the reason should you be taking help from SEO companies to work for you? In this article, we have summarized the SEO trends in 2022 and tips to achieve results in SEO from the work contents of SEO consulting. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to grow their business by utilizing SEO.

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20. Blogging with SEO

For those who are thinking of starting a blog and over-think SEO, we have explained the pattern of failing due to being over-conscious of SEO and thinking about how to start an effective blog. If you are thinking of starting and earning with blogging, do read this article.

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