November 29, 2023

What is noindex and nofollow tag

no index and no follow

What is noindex and nofollow tag

How to use them, their SEO effect, and setting method

We will answer these questions in detail:

1. What is the meaning of the noindex and nofollow tags?
2. How can we master the noindex and nofollow tags for SEO?
3. What is spam link rejection?
4. What are noarchive tags?
5. How to set nofollow and noindex tags on your WordPress site?
6. What point should we be careful about while Noindexing?

 In this article, we will explain the meaning and usage of noindex and nofollow tags, thier SEO effect, and how to implement them on a WordPress site.

1. Meaning of noindex and nofollow tags

We assume that you understand how the search engine works.

If you don’t, please Look

How does a Search Engine Work?

noindex: NOT registered (indexed) in search results

nofollow: Google’s robot (crawler) refuses to patrol 

 2. How to use the noindex tag:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

Set the page to “noindex” which is not worth reading for site visitors. Basically, it is OK if you set it on the following pages and situations.

  1. Privacy policy
  2. Specified Commercial Transactions Law pages
  3. Automatically generated pages (tag pages, etc.)    
  4. When making a mirror site

Depending on the site, the inquiry page and company profile page should also be Noindexed, but you can (as per your own preference) index the pages that you want the readers to see.

Note: Even if noindex is used, there can be cases where it may be displayed in the search results. 

We have experienced it many times in the past, noindexed pages can be indexed at some time, so if you really do not wish to show the page, it is better to perform basic authentication (WP Basic Auth). 

How to use the nofollow tag:

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”>

You will install it on a page that you do not want Google robots to patrol. More often they are used for affiliate links. 

However, Amazon’s affiliate links often do not include nofollow.

We wonder if the reason is that Amazon is as big as Google. 

3. What is spam link rejection? 

By misusing the nofollow tag, it is possible to damage some competing sites. Simply, create a spam site and link to competing sites.

As we often hear in the SEO industry, Google has already taken action. So, if you have any suspicious links, deny the backlink. 

To reject backlinks – Take help from Google Search Console 

4. What is the noarchive tag?

<meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive”>

It is a tag to reject the cache. Web pages are temporarily stored in the cache.

Basically, it is often used when changing the price of EC sites or for membership sites. Recently, there seems to be an example of using it as a measure against copy content. 

Noindex and nofollow tags don’t have much SEO effect

We explained it in detail, but in conclusion, you don’t have to worry about it. 

Like this site and the other sites we created in the past, we use the noindex and nofollow tags fairly well, yet the number of access is increasing.  

So here a question arises:

Then, can I completely ignore the noindex and nofollow tags?


You can ignore it, but in the case of a WordPress site, since the initial settings take no time, you should do it. To save time, you can consider them setting a little at the beginning and then forget about it. 

Let’s see how to set it. 

5. How to set nofollow and noindex tags on your WordPress site

All In One SEO Pack is the plugin we use.

Must have plugins for WordPress

As we explained it in detail, it is not recommended to insert too many plug-ins as it becomes difficult to handle. However, All In One SEO Pack is a super-excellent & standard plug-in, you should use. 

6. What point should we be careful about while No indexing?

The basic idea is that your category page should be judged by whether you can attract customers from search engines or not. For example, the category page is noindexed because it is judged by the search engine that it cannot attract customers. 

Another example, the category page about a Party can have a lot of party-related images and articles, but don’t you think people who search for something will reach this page? So noindex is OK. 

So, although the category page related to Party has significance, it is not necessary to register it in the search results. You can index it if you wish to. 

In nutshell, if you put focus on such small yet important things, you will not take much time mastering these techniques which will give you better results in the long run because once you have set up your base, you will keep adding pages and content accordingly. 

All the best!

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