April 13, 2024

What Domain name is best for SEO?

domain name

What Domain name is best for SEO?

It is best to have a unique domain name

Really important Questions:

  1. How does domain name affect SEO?
  2. Are used domains strong enough for SEO?
  3. Should we use a used domain for its backlinks relevance?
  4. Are free domains strong enough for SEO?

Our Answer:

1. Domain name does not change your SEO effect much

However, it is better not to use overseas domains if possible. Google’s SEO representative Matt Cutts says Google determines country by domain:

If it’s a German site, use a German domain

if it’s a Japanese site, use a Japanese domain

2. Are used domains strong enough for SEO?

domain name

Yes! It can be said that it might be strong because from the moment the site was launched, many backlinks may have been attached to it. But… That’s it. Nothing special!

3. Should we use a used domain for its backlinks relevance?

Incorporating backlink relevance as a ranking factor is still very important for Google, and if you don’t use backlinks, the quality of your search results will be significantly reduced.

Google’s Matt Cutts has revealed the answer to the following question:

Does Google produce search results that completely eliminate backlink relevance?

The Conclusion can be pointed down as below:

  1. There is no publicly available proof of Google search that doesn’t rate backlinks. However, if we look at the experiments done internally, the quality of the search results did not look good without backlinks.
  2. In most cases, backlinks still really outperformed in terms of search quality, even with some noise of being it apparently SPAM.
  3. At least for now, backlink relevance is still can be said very useful in terms of returning the most relevant topics.
  4. However, the results seemed to be mixed, Backlinks can be still treated as a very important ranking factor.
  5. Google will continue to improve its ability to distinguish between good and bad links.
  6. Therefore, we can still consider backlinks important.
  7. Even if we could successfully take the help of social media for our ranking algorithm in the future, we wouldn’t leave the backlink rating alone.
  8. It is important to continue to implement SEO methods that collect genuine backlinks that Google evaluates.

However, if you look at the recent media, there is also a steep increase in new domain registrations.

In other words, there is no urgency to buy a used domain just for the sake of backlinks.

4. Are Free Domains Strong in SEO?

It can be strong. However, be careful when using free domains.

Point 1: SEO rating may drop for each platform

It is mainly the trust factor that Google plays on, so be careful

Point 2: Advertisements may not be posted

Google Adsense is useful for making money on blogs, but if you don’t have your own domain, you may not be able to pass the screening in some cases. 

Point 3: Advertisements can display without permission

And the number of visitors can decrease by the annoying experience of advertisements being displayed indiscriminately.

Would you like it if the owner’s company is making a lot of money on your blog and you are not getting the benefits? 

Point 4: You don’t own the copyright

Self-explanatory isn’t it? Since you don’t own the copyright, you have fewer controls and most importantly your efforts are now someone else’s property!

Summary: Your own domain is the best!

There is no particular way to choose a recommended domain. However, it is generally said as follows.

In the case you are a company, you should take a “.com” domain.

For personal blogs and personal sites, anything is OK.

Some important points about Domain name selection:

  1. The domain name expresses the nature of the site so it is better even if we will say it is necessary to have a domain name that actually narrates what products or services the user are going to see if he clicks on it.
  2. There is no such compulsion to have it in one name or in one word. You can choose a longer or even a hyphen in between like we have it on tech-blogs.co.
  3. Also you may not get your desired .com domain but it doesn’t get necessary if your site is content driven and has all the necessary updates that express the nature of your domain name like again on tech-blogs.co.
  4. You may not like to use any rented or subdomain of other services even if they have a similar business. It is always recommended to have your own domain name.
  5. You can use .org, .co, .biz, .me, or .io instead of com in case you want to write blogs and make it a personal kind of website. Even nowadays proper commercial websites use these domains like www.algoexpert.io.
  6. There is no need to think about the plural words or the singular ones. As long as your content is relevant, the Google search engine will recognize you and let you be placed on its first page.

All the best!

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