May 28, 2024

Advantages and disadvantages of remote work from Home

work from home advantage and disadvantage

Advantages and disadvantages of remote work from Home


While and after the coronavirus pandemic, most of the world shifted to remote work and it became the new trend. Initially, it was full of advantages such as:

  1. You don’t have to take a crowded train
  2. Not tied to time so badly
  3. Working while sitting wherever you like
  4. Basically, plain clothes are OK
  5. You get more time to spend with family or to learn a new thing
  6. Can work even if with mild disease

But also there were some disadvantages to it like:

  1. Easy to feel lonely
  2. Tied to Wi-Fi and laptop for long hours
  3. Difficult to distinguish between holiday and working day
  4. Communication is good and natural in the office, but in remote work, there is a lesser communication.

This time, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and concluded that remote work is actually good and beneficial in most cases. Let’s take a look at how.

  1. Moving too much can be inefficient sometimes as it consumes your time and energy. Ask to a new job finder and he/she will tell you how hard it can be sometimes to be present at the company on time for an interview only to find that the opportunity is gone to someone else and again we have to go to be present for another interview.
  2. But in the case of online interviews, we can attempt many companies by scheduling multiple appointments in a single day.
  3. This way not only our energy and time is saved for other companies, our motivation level also keeps up since nothing is lost and only gain of experience is there.
  4. It may be possible to get up early and reach the destination, work from 10 am to 6 pm, and then travel. However, it is better to stick to a laptop and Wi-Fi rather than get into the idea of working at the office sometimes.
  5. Some people may think “I can work remotely and also travel at the same time”, but in reality, you have to be just at the cafe in case even if you are traveling too. It is good if you can manage your work while you travel but in reality is often very difficult.
  6. Women’s safety also comes in the picture and at that point, remote work can be super advantageous if their city or the travel area is not safe.
  7. Also, considering women, marriage and childbirth can definitely slip them into a blank for their career advancement. At that time, the lifestyle of remote work is excellent for them.
  8. Of course, women should never be discriminated with any other remote workers, but still, the current working society is not very women-friendly. So, that’s too an important reason for women to consider remote work. They can build their own apps to sell and make money out of them in order to improve the happiness of life.
  9. One more point of being less time-bound (FREE in other words) and applying your free time for learning new things while you work can also be a very positive point if we think about some more enthusiasts.
  10. Many people keep abstaining to work hard but you may not want to be that person because of your career plans and really someday you want yourself financially free. So better it is to start early adapting to the online working environment.
  11. Working online gives you more ideas to become self-earning and become independent because now your search on YouTube is more for your solutions and earning methods.
  12. Especially when you are earning from IT like building apps or websites for clients, you are more glued to your laptop rather than hustling to run for a fixed work in a company.
  13. How to achieve this level can be mastered easily if you read our step-by-step guide:  

How to Learn Coding FAST 

How to start blogging with WordPress – Money, Profits, and SEO 

Basic Roadmap of earning from Programming 

Advanced Roadmap of earning from Programming 

All of us IT engineers should promote remote work more as a positive career to build the world more environment-friendly using less fuel to commute and make lesser pollution. 

When we try to consider working from home, many disadvantages like being lonely or being stuck to your laptop, or being less socially interactive may come up to your mind. But as you grow up working from home (be it forceful) you start feeling way better in comparison to consuming your time to commute. One thing here very important is to consider that while commuting to your workplace, it consumes your time but it also gives you a little bit of exercise that is absolutely necessary for your body to keep moving. So you should consider giving at least half an hour or so if you choose and make it a good experience working from home because only a healthy body can continue to work be it in the office or be it from home.

Moreover, Content writing, Digital marketing, programming, and design skills are all the right paths to start earning good amounts and the best is that you can study them by yourself to get a job or remote work.

All the best!

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