February 25, 2024
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How to earn monthly from Coding: Step by Step?


How to earn monthly from Coding: Step by Step

From $ZERO to $5,000 per month

TWO years PATH to reach $5,000 per month income

Keep reading till the end to know how you can reach an income of $5,000 per month from an absolute beginner in just TWO years since you have learned how to write your first line of code. All the best!


Your First 3 Months Income: $ZERO

Since you have just begun to learn coding/programming your main time is spent learning web-based technologies like HTML and CSS because they are easy to learn and an appropriate doorway to enter computer programming:

  1. It is not likely that you are going to start earning in this period since getting the clients and finishing their website building work on time needs some presentation skills as well as coding skills.
  2. To get the whole idea of where to start as a beginner, How to get clients and freelance work, and How to start your monthly income by coding/programming, you should definitely read:

Basic Roadmap of earning from Programming


Advanced Roadmap of earning from Programming


Your Next 3 Months Income: $100 per Month

Now you have completed your basic study of coding/programming and now you are ready to start earning from it:

  1. Remember how much difficult or time taking it may be to get your first few clients or projects to get your first income, you may not get disheartened if you keep endeavoring, the $5000 per month income is not too far away for you.
  2. The next step is to make your profile attractive and well informative expressing about you and more about your abilities and skills in coding. Since you may not have experience in delivering to a client, it may be difficult for you to get new work immediately.
  3. Put your newly made profile on crowd works, lancers, wontedly, Linked-in, Dribble, Pinterest, Stackoverflow-jobs, Works, Scrimba, Upwork, Carbonmade, Behance, Angellist, Craiglist, Indeed, and many other freelancing websites.
  4. But if you can manage to get a new client through your personal contacts or may you request them to give you work on these freelancing sites along with giving you good star ratings, you are almost done for making a regular income per month.


Your Next 3 Months Income: $500 per Month

Now you have done a few coding/programming projects completed and now you have at least a few clienteles that have given you 5 stars rating on your profile:

  1. Now put those links as your experience and your ratings as your feedback on your own profile made in HTML, CSS, or WordPress along with some cool graphics that express your coding ability and the client can decide upon you in just one look that yes this man is going to make my website.
  2. Since you have a nice amount of experience coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress start coding in Bootstrap and jQuery to make those pages with way much lesser time so that you can complete new projects faster and much nicer.
  3. That way you can take and finish as many new projects and yet you will have more time with you to go deeper into some new tech stack.

You can learn all of it from www.w3schools.com


Your Next 3 Months’ Income: $1,000 per Month

It is the time when now you are getting and finishing new projects in a very short time with you being an expert in dealing with clients as well as understanding their changing needs. You can now deliver within the timeline without any hassles of running short of time because you have now:

  1. You have ample experience of being into those hassles that can surprise you or break your code to make it worse
  2. You are also able to negotiate with the client pretty smartly about the timelines and prices of your deliverables.
  3. Now is the best time to expand your technology area by going into the backend along with becoming better in the front end by starting using more frameworks like ReactJS, React native, or AngularJS.
  4. Or depending on your personal liking you can shift into app development to learn android or cross apps like flutter etc. If you are focused on it, Ruby is also a very nice choice.
  5. As for the backend, it is okay to start learning PHP since it will be easier for you as a new one in backend technologies.
  6. Or if you are willing to go directly to NodeJS, Express, or MongoDB, it’s your choice to challenge yourself with fresh technologies.


Your Next 3 Months’ Income: $2,000 per Month

Still earning money through freelance from using frontend frameworks and making backend, is a difficult and time taking game for you because it means you have to be a full-stack developer now:

  1. Start learning PHP with frameworks like Laravel to make your backend building faster by learning rational database system that uses tables
  2. To make your frontend skills updated learn a few Javascript animation frameworks like Gap, Barba, etc. Try controlling them with animation variables.
  3. Also, it is time for you to learn Ajax, or better learn promises, Async, and Await of Javascript.
  4. Make the website user-friendly and show your clients that now you can handle the data and make the website full-blown as per the ever-changing needs of their clients.
  5. That way your clients’ dependability will increase on you and you will have a rich exposure to maintain their site for a longer time.


Your Next 3 Months’ Income: $3,000 per Month

Now you have shifted your work from getting new clients by asking them on daily basis to some fixed clients by maintaining their high-end sites using your frontend frameworks and data into the backend tables. That means now you are a full-stack developer now:

  1. Make your Git-hub repository to get your work secured and protected to be misused along with generating the ability to show your projects to new clients.
  2. Now you can ask for a higher price as per your ability and the technological experience you have that can never be denied by the clients who want a stable and nice work which meets the modern age technological requirements.
  3. In the case of app development, you can charge even much higher but remember to make them your permanent and trusting clients you should also deliver the best quality work even if sometimes they work better than the payment.
  4. In the current scenario of your earnings, there can also be an idea to hire some assistant that can help you get more work even if he/she can’t help you in technology.


Your Next 3 Months’ Income: $4,000 per Month

Earning $4000 a month through freelance from using frontend frameworks and making backend is NOT difficult for you now because:

  1. You are now a full-stack developer and you can handle the whole system on your own.
  2. Right from getting the user response from front-end buttons and managing the data given by them into backend server tables along with the updates done by users with state management technologies like Redux or Redis.
  3. It is a top-notch skill requirement and needs a good experience of years to handle the new technologies.
  4. After being well versed with NodeJS, now you can try new development environments like Deno that allow you to build apps even faster.
  5. After Redux, you should explore new tech stacks like Transpiling, Webpack, Limiting with Eslint, Gulp, React-Native instead of flutter, etc.


Your Next 3 Months’ Income: $5,000 per Month

At this stage, it is time now to start thinking of building your own product while maintaining your earning standards if you are not willing to take risks. However, at this stage, I would personally recommend you to take risks and really start building if your conditions allow:

  1. Keep earning through maintaining your work that’s for your clients but make it restricted to the promised deliveries only.
  2. Try to carve your own time and work building your own idea of selling an online app kind of product like a learning tutorial or a nice plug for the websites that can make a purchasing experience smoother for example.
  3. Or you can experiment by selling this product directly to the clients that you have gathered their trust in these years by delivering your splendid work within the time frame.
  4. The opportunities will become endless for you because now you can build anything based on your frontend and backend experience plus you have enough money to invest in your own projects.
  5. You can also add SEO services for your clients that will make wonders in terms of your income enhancements as well as the profits of your clients. To get the whole SEO story covered and understand the game in an easy step-by-step manner, please follow our SEO series:

Learn Complete SEO Techniques


We hope you have got enough information and the correct perspective required to be a self-made and well-earning Coder. Please don’t hesitate to ask if any further information is required. Put your best efforts to win this game. You CAN do it!

All the Best!

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