November 29, 2023

What Are The Best SEO Tools For Fast Ranking?

SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketing

If you google [SEO Tools], there will be articles like [50 useful tools for SEO…]

“Don’t use that much! You will get stuck”

 That’s why we have put together 8 tools that we use on a daily basis for SEO. Their categorization is the following 3 patterns.

1. Access analysis tool
2. Keyword analysis tool
3. Site analysis tool


Let’s take a look.

1. Access analysis tool

Analysis tool

  1. Google analytics
  2. Web search console

1. Google analytics

Google Analytics is to analyze your overall access. We don’t think it’s necessary to explain because it’s too famous. It is, however, critical to comprehend how to employ it. It must be compared throughout time.

Compare this month’s data with last month’s data and think about how much the numbers have changed, why the numbers have changed, and the basis of the increase or decrease in the numbers. 

2. Web search console

The web search console is for checking inflow keywords. It checks with what kind of keyword the visitor is coming and what is the click rate on search results. 

If Click-Through-Rate is low on search results, there can be a problem with your title or description. Fix it right away.

What is your typical click-through rate on search results?

Look: Access Analysis 

2. Free Keyword Research Tool

keyword research

  1. Keyword planner
  2. Rank tracker 

1. Google Key Words Planner

The Keyword Planner is for SEO keyword design. A blog without keyword design is like a marathon without goals. The approach of selecting SEO keywords is known as the keyword design method.

How to select Keywords for SEO, 5 simple steps 

2. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a keyword ranking measurement tool. For Mac users, RankTracker is recommended. 

3. Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity

analysis tool

  1. MOZ Bar
  2. SimilarWeb     
  3. Open SEO Stats

1. MOZ Bar

By MOZ Bar, check PA (page access) and DA (domain access). However, PA and DA are informal indicators, so they are only for reference. 

If you use MOZ Bar, you can see that PA and DA are displayed on the search result screen. For example, if your article is in second place, you can analyze the problem while checking the PA and DA of the first-place site.

 2. SimilarWeb

Many people know SimilarWeb. If there is a site you are interested in, It would be good to develop a habit of checking it on SimilarWeb.

You can get access to the data immediately. However, it has a lot of errors, so let’s just look at it as a reference only. 

3. Open SEO Stats

Last but not least is Open SEO Stats. This extension makes it easy to visualize internal tags. If there is a page you are interested in, you should take a look at the internal tags. Sites with strong SEO have keywords in H1 and H2 well. The competition can teach you a lot.

So far, we have summarized 8 useful tools for SEO. There are many articles such as 50 tools or 100 tools, but extending more tools can make your website bulky and it may become difficult to manage it. So, for the initial period, let’s proceed with basic things only.

These tools look very similar but they are very different in nature and are quite effective when it comes to being clear about your SEO progress. You can never imagine keeping a sharp eye on your status without these tools. There are a few reasons why:

  1. There can always be some proportion of your site content that matches other sites which can be considered plagiarism and are not good for the health of your site in long run.
  2. There are possibly case where some tools can really help improve your site according to the Google algorithm. Though it may seem absolutely fine from the naked eye there are some hidden rules that only the tools can find and check.
  3. Using tools also ensures the trust factor implementation where Google finds the structure has been made up according to the desired rule.
  4. For example broken links sometimes are not found manually they can be detected using tools.
  5. It saves you a hell lot of time and energy that can again be translated into money as well as your motivation to continue with newer content updating regularly.
  6. Using tools makes you more efficient and more accurate while they also tell you what is wrong and what is right. Also, they ensure your proper one-directional growth which eventually translates into income.
  7. Tools can sometimes be overwhelmingly difficult to use. This actually helps us to understand problems more deeply and comprehensively.
  8. In nutshell it is always advisable to use them because you may never know where and when you can get a problem which could never be seen with your own eyes.
  9. You get statistics that help you make your future policies right. Without them, you may seem to proceed in a particular direction which may or may not lead you to the right place.

 All the best! 

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