June 20, 2024

What is Long Tail Keyword in SEO?

long tail keyword

What is Long Tail Keyword in SEO?

What does Long-Tail SEO Mean? How to search keywords and effects

 This article completes everything starting from the point:

“What is long-tail SEO?”

To the level where you can call yourself “Now I am a long-tail SEO master”.

Specifically, we have summarized the basic knowledge of long-tail SEO, conversion rate, and the method of being displayed in high ranks with long-tail SEO.

As with SEO in general, if you do it properly, you will get excellent results.

Also, it is FUN to raise your ranking by keywords and it becomes like a game when you become its master by learning the techniques and implementing them. So let’s start.

1. What is Long-Tail SEO? Comparison explanation with big keywords 

Long tail keyword

In short, Long-Tail is a detailed keyword. Generally, 80% of the searched keywords (search queries) are said to be long-tail keywords.

 2. Does long-tail SEO really has an effect? Will our sales go up?

The reason why Amazon, which everyone loves, was so successful is because of the long tail keyword.

 If you search for the book you want to buy, Amazon will appear in the first place. This is exactly long-tail SEO, and Amazon sales are excellent and are mainly from book title searches on the internet. In other words, long-tail SEO will definitely convert and increase your sales.

Note: If you look only at the conversion rate, you can misunderstand the numbers.

The conversion rate with long-tail SEO is high, but if you actually measure the numbers, long-tail SEO has a small number of visitors. The quantity of visitors to big keywords is high, yet conversion rates are poor.

As a final guide, it’s OK to think that increase in conversion rate is 5% to 10%.  

3. How to find long-tail keywords?

For you who have decided “OK, let’s do it”. And now you have completed the WordPress setup and installation. Have you completed SEO keyword selection?  

By selecting SEO keywords, you can guide the search engines about your direction and schedule of articles. We have summarized the specific method of SEO keyword selection in 5 simple steps. Please have look.

 How to select SEO keywords. Explained in five simple steps. 

4. How to display articles at the top by long-tail keywords

Are you in trouble because SEO doesn’t show up at the top of your search?

In this article, I’ve summarized how to SEO optimize your articles to get top search results. From article design methods aimed at SEO to specific writing methods, even common failure patterns are given. It is a long explanation, so we have summarized it in another article. Please click below.

How to write an article that gets the top search in SEO [From article design to writing] 

Frequently Asked Question:

How much Search Volume we can target with Long Tail Keywords SEO?

 Answer: ALL of it.

There are blogs that thousands of people visit every month with keywords like (web production self-study) articles or (Study Visa of Japan Cost) with a monthly search volume of 50 times.

 Also, see:

Reasons why you should not include all data of keyword planner

Frequently Asked Question:

How many keywords should I target that I got from the keyword planner?

 Answer: It is all up to your niche and genre what and how much you put content. If you want to target it all, it’s OK. Even keywords that are searched only 50 times a month can actually reach over 2,000 visitors.

This is a summary of long-tail SEO in one article but to become a long-tail SEO master you must read the other articles given in this article.

What are supporting long-tail keywords?

Answer: There are keywords that are supporting long-tail keywords because they are for general topics. They are not much fast in ranking high but still, they are useful in terms of making that particular page’s category long-tail keyword specific. Since Google can rank your page specifically for such keywords, it gathers information from your content and relates them to the keyword you have provided, and give you a higher rank. That means if you are trying to rank in a specific order through a specific situation, you will definitely rank for that particular keyword. That’s the power of supporting long-tail keywords.

What are topical long-tail keywords?

Answer: There are some long-tail keywords that are specific to a topic related and therefore are called Topical long tail keywords. They are not very competitive and therefore there is much possibility to rank your page up if you are using them as your main keyword. The reason behind this is that there are keywords that focus specifically on your product or the service you are offering in general and are not the main keyword that everyone is looking for. That means only the specific user looking for this keyword will get to your page and eventually, your page will be on a higher rank in search engine queries.

All the Best!

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