April 13, 2024

How to write alt tags for SEO?

Alt tag for seo

How to write alt tags for SEO

Backlinks can also be generated by alt tags

What is an alt tag?

How alt tags are important for SEO?

This blog covers all the answers to these questions This blog explains

  1. The meaning of the alt tag
  2. The reason why it is effective for SEO and
  3. How to write them properly


The alt tag is simple yet powerful if you can write it cleverly.

You will definitely get the best SEO effect, so let’s cash this opportunity for your SEO game.


  Table of contents

  1. Meaning of alt tag
  2. Reasons why alt tag is effective for SEO
  3. Backlink acquisition from the alt tag
  4. How to write alt tags (Proper example)

1. Meaning of alt tag

The alt tag is used to describe the content of an image file. Whenever you put an image in your HTML file, it asks you for an Alt tag. It is to describe what the image is all about.

If due some reason, your image is not uploaded on the browser of the user, this alt tag appears to express that there was an image here that has this particular description (Which is written in that particular alt tag) 

2. It is important due to the following reasons:

  1. For Google, alternative text is useful information about the subject matter of the image.
  2. Google uses this information to determine the best image for your query.
  3. Many users cannot see images on web pages because they are visually impaired, use screen readers, or have slow connection speeds. Alternate text can provide important information to such users.
  4. Google robots can’t read images, so write an alt tag.
  5. Even if the image has a broken link, the meaning of the image can be read if there is an alt tag.
  6. Usability is improved even if the image is broken, the reader can understand the meaning of the image.
  7. You can get traffic by Google image search [Most important]If you write an alt tag, you can get user influx from Google image search. And if you’re lucky, you can also get backlinks.

3. Backlink acquisition from the alt tag

  1. The reason is that when an image is quoted from the media, the backlink is received as the source of the citation. It’s very important that when you are running a blog or media, use high-quality images with Alt tags as much as possible. This will increase your probability of being quoted.

4. How to write an alt tag that is effective for SEO (With example)

// Wrong example (You should NOT leave the alt tag empty)

<img src = “puppy.jpg” alt = “” />


//Correct example

<img src = “puppy.jpg” alt = “puppy” />


// Best example (You should practice writing like this)

<img src = “puppy.jpg” alt = “Cute Doberman puppy to buy”>


// spam (You should NOT write like this)

<img src = “puppy.jpg” alt = “Puppies Dog Baby Little Puppies Retriever Labrador Wolf Hound Setter Pointer Jack Russell Dog Food Cheap Puppies Food” />


Alternate Solution:
Put the h2 or h3 tag in the alt tag
By doing this, it will not be judged as spam and keywords will be entered naturally

Summary about Alt-tags and their benefits:

  1. The alt-tags are actually the short description of the content sections in your blog or even the images in the content.
  2. They are useful if you want to stuff keywords and let the search engine bots find them to improve your SEO.
  3.  Also, they are useful if you have expressed the name or description of the image in case it does not get displayed in the browser, it will at least guide the user about what was there originally.
  4. The alt tags also work like a map of your webpage help the engine find the best and suitable page that the reader has requested.
  5. So if you have used them wisely, your page is going to be rendered first in front of your user and make your web SEO game smoother.
  6. Sometimes the user wants only the images and not the content. In that case also if you have smartly used your alt tags on your images, you can get access to the search engines and it is more likely that the user also gets access to your website too.
  7. There is a high chance that your site is gaining more SEO and higher ranking through your images and a;t tags you have put into them according to the need of the user 

Finally, Alt-tags should be used as descriptively as possible:

  1. The alt-tags have to be as descriptive as possible because the user as well as the search engine should understand your purpose immediately.
  2. There is no need to spam the alt tags as explained earlier because it is already considered a high-power keyword.
  3. Finally all your description in the shortest words possible matter.

All the best


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