June 20, 2024

What is the best Word count for SEO?

Seo Word Count

What is the best Word Count for Seo?

Earn in Millions if SEO techniques and word count are optimized

The number of characters (and Word count) is very important in SEO.

So how many characters should you write?

In this article, we have proved the effectiveness of long SEO while explaining how to derive the optimal number of characters.

You can grow your website traffic if you have:

  1. Optimal SEO knowledge and word count.
  2. Long content writing stamina

How to derive the best word count?

Let’s take a look in detail.

There are two points about how to derive the optimal number of characters in SEO.

SEO is impossible if the keywords have not been decided first.

So let’s learn them first in a way simper manner.

How to select SEO keywords, Explained in 5 simple steps

Assuming that you have selected your keywords with a proper map in your mind for your website, let’s jump on the Word count extraction methods.

The two points that lead to the optimum number of characters and Word count in SEO are as follows.

Point (1): Consider the needs of keywords

Point (2): Consider the strength of the competition

Point (1): Consider the needs of keywords

For example, the keyword [Online Japanese learning] has a wide range of needs.

That’s why you should also consider the related needs of readers searching with these keywords.

They can be:

  1. I want to know the recommended online Japanese conversation classes.
  2. I want to know if online Japanese conversation is recommended for learning Japanese or not.
  3. I want to find recommendations for online Japanese conversation by word of mouth.
  4. I want to know the prices and duration of online Japanese conversations for a beginner.
  5. I want to know how to find an online Japanese class near me.

There can be many other related needs too like the lowest price for online Japanese conversation etc.

Let’s see another example

About the keyword [Cheapest online Japanese conversation]

Think about related needs.

  1. I want to know the cheapest online Japanese conversation.
  2. I’m worried that the cheapest online Japanese conversation isn’t bad.
  3. I want to know how cheap online Japanese conversation works (why it’s so cheap)

So after looking at both of the above examples, we can judge that the former example must have a longer content of explanation. That means a longer word count.

Point (2): Consider the strength of the competition

Since recently the competition has grown very much so it’s not enough if you consider point (1) only. You have to do competition research also.

This area is not difficult to understand and implement. Let’s see how.

Let’s have a look at the example of the keyword [SEO strategies] with all other similar tech required:

How to earn high with a proper SEO strategy?

For example, it is searched many times a month but the word count of some of these top articles is so large that it is hard for the reader to consume the content in one go, as well as it is hard for the writing side too.

The reason why they try so hard is that it is profitable

If we estimate the monthly visits as 10,000 people and are multiplied by 3% purchases products or with a normal Affiliate unit price, it converts into a huge amount of money that a whole website may not be able to earn.

So in a conclusion, we can say that the keywords with too many competitors are content warfare.

In other words, it is not possible to win only with articles that meet the needs of readers, sometimes you have to compete with the amount of content that meets the needs.

Conclusion: In SEO, long sentences are an effective strategy. It is easier to win if you put a long sentence first, considering that competition will increase in the future.

However, in our opinion, there is no fixed rule that you should stick to longer sentences only. Because, taking advantage of this property, the number of people who put in articles such as 10,000 words will continue to increase. If the page with 10,000 words is at the top, it will again monopolize the situation and Google may change its rules.

Summary: If you want to go this way with SEO, go for long sentences and lengthy content. However, if you don’t want to get exhausted, write according to the pinpoint need of the reader.

That is all.

If you want to learn completely about SEO, please go through all the 22 articles given here in the series and get ready to earn millions in the coming time.

Some important points about Domain name selection:

  1. The domain name expresses the nature of the site so it is better even if we will say it is necessary to have a domain name that actually narrates what products or services the user are going to see if he clicks on it.
  2. There is no such compulsion to have it in one name or in one word. You can choose a longer or even a hyphen in between like we have it on tech blogs.co
  3. Also, you may not get your desired .com domain but it doesn’t get necessary if your site is content driven and has all the necessary updates that express the nature of your domain name like again on tech-blogs.co.
  4. You may not like to use any rented or subdomain of other services even if they have a similar business. It is always recommended to have your own domain name.
  5. You can use .org, .co, .biz, .me, or .io instead of com in case you want to write blogs and make it a personal kind of website. Even nowadays proper commercial websites use these domains like www.algoexpert.io
  6. There is no need to think about the plural words or the singular ones. As long as your content is relevant, the Google search engine will recognize you and let you be placed on its first page.

All the best!

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