June 20, 2024

Best SEO Techniques for Intermediate

SEO Techniques for intermediate

SEO Techniques for intermediate:

Why you can’t become an expert in web marketing by reading books

For those who are thinking, “I should first understand the basics of web marketing by books and theory then somehow I will figure it out how should I study in the future”


Study with a book?
Or attend a seminar?
Or get a job? 

ANSWER: You should learn from practice and see your own data No books, seminars, or employment required

So, in the 21st century let’s reveal the secret of the fastest digital marketing study

Let’s look at how to learn web marketing from practice and your own data. We live in the web marketing age and many like us have it as their main business, so we think we can improve our skills to some extent by using the learning methods given in the article and this whole website.

Let’s learn web marketing and live comfortably, aiming for Boss-free, location-free income which is the best part of modern IT.

Table of contents

  1. Why you can’t learn web marketing from books and seminars
  2. Web marketing should be learned from data and experimentation
  3. Methods for learning Web Marketing Through Data
  4. Regarding future demand for web marketers


1. Why you can’t learn web marketing from books and seminars

If you are a complete beginner and have basic knowledge (know the tool name and minimum usage) try the following first.

 Digital Marketing from basics

Now instead of searching through scattered information from books and seminars, you can click and have all the knowledge you need from the basics in the series to get together your SEO game.

Once you have indulged yourself to understand the information, you will then put yourself more and more deeply into it without realizing the fact that these books are making you even more needy for the information you may or may not need at this point of your starting the journey. You absolutely cannot rely on the books to finish everything for you. Now you just read them over and over and you’re way less likely to remember them. Especially in the area of IT or Digital marketing unless you don’t get your hands dirty by actually implementing the stuff and actually facing the small and big issues by yourself, you are very less likely to succeed.


2. Web marketing should be learned from data and experimentation

Then you will see from your real-world examples that successful companies have established their own methodologies by starting and experimenting. Such methods are already on the net and you can only discover them by using your own which are not described in books.

In other words, if the information is already systematized, it will not be effective. So it’s best to own a site for example, that you can handle 100% and experiment with it.

It may be easy for IT startups to experiment, but continuous content updating by a large company inevitably slows down.


3. How to Learn Web Marketing Through Data

We will explain in three steps. Just a matter of course, there are very few people who do it. 

Step 1: Prepare an environment where data can be analyzed.

The tools are summarized roughly as below.

1.    Analytics: Google Analytics
2.    Keyword analysis: Google search console
3.    Keyword ranking analysis: Rank Tracker (for Mac users, GRP for Win)
4.    Click-through rate analysis for ad placement: Google Adsense

Using the tool is faster than buying a book. If it is a book, the information will be out of date.

Step 2: Repeat the test

There are many people who won’t do this. Many people don’t see the numbers.

  1. Look at the data every day after adding analytics. You should also look at the Google Search Console to see what keywords are coming from. At that time, it is even better to set goals in advance and analyze whether they have been achieved or not.
  2. Once you have a certain amount of access, you can move the Adsense ad placement and see where it will be the most profitable. 
  3. Rank Tracker, a keyword ranking analysis tool and SEO search ranking check tool, is highly recommended (for Mac users). 
  4. If you keep doing this for about half a year, you should be able to earn enough advertising revenue every month to live a better life. In addition to that, you will also acquire skills. It is two birds with one stone.

IMPORTANT: There is a significant difference in profits between those who analyze and those who do not analyze their data.

 Bloggers who can see the numbers can quantify the value of their blogs. If you have experience writing blogs targeting specific keywords with SEO, and 5,000 people flow to your blogs every month and the buying rate is 7%, you can calculate the value of your blog from the purchase unit price.

Blog value = number of visitors  x  Buying rate  x  Unit purchase price

One can consider the following points about experimentation

  1. Which position is the best position for the advertisement?
  2. How does the movement differ between a PC and a smartphone?
  3. How to build buzzing content and content that is meaningful?
  4. How do ranking and traffic access change with just one title?
  5. Does ranking and traffic access depend on the opening time?
  6. Will ranking and traffic access change with SSL?
  7. Does the amount of text change the customer base and the number of accesses?
Step 3: Repeat new attempts

If you can establish your own methodology, you will be able to increase ranking and traffic access to some extent. In order to establish your own methodology, it is necessary to have high information sensitivity in the first place, and it is also important to have a habit of trying new tools. 

It’s a niche, but the following are powerful tools.

  1. Mixpanel (access analysis focusing on individual users)
  2. Optimizely (AB test tool)
  3. Inspectlet (scroll tracking & heatmap tool)

If you want to get the latest SEO information, see below.

  1. Moz Blog – SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog – Moz
  2. Product Hunt
  3. Buffer Blog – Social Media & Online Marketing
  4. Search Engine Land – Must Read News About SEO
  5. Copyblogger – Content Marketing Mastery

That’s how to learn web marketing through data. In summary, the following is too simple.


4. Regarding future demand for web marketers

It doesn’t make sense if it’s work that will eventually disappear no matter how hard you study for it. So let’s see the solution.

If you have web marketing skills you can earn to live a nice life however, this statement is valid for a few years only.

It’s pretty tough if you only have some web marketing skills. The reason is AI.

Awards are already half automated … We are not sure about the conversion optimizer, but if you turn it on, for the time being, conversions will increase. Google is amazing.

Some people say that there are jobs that only humans can do, but if you are doing a large-scale business globally, it is overwhelmingly more efficient to judge by looking at the numbers that a machine can do better.

So, we think it’s tough if it’s just web marketing. However, we feel that people who can make comprehensive marketing proposals by mastering multiple marketing channels (CM, magazines, Web, AI) will be able to earn a lot.

However, you can still continue with your current web marketing skills. So it’s worth studying.

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