July 12, 2024

How about requesting SEO from SEO Company?

requesting SEO from an SEO Company

How about requesting SEO from an SEO Company?

It was years ago that content would be ranked high only if keywords were entered. Today is an era where it’s listed in the first place with proper structure, analyzed keywords, and content planned as per the user’s liking. SEO isn’t easy.

What does SEO consulting do? Should we outsource the SEO work to them?

Their work is explained in the following 3 points.

  1. Content structure construction
  2. Direction setting
  3. Analysis & improvement


1. Content structure construction

For example: Creating your website with all the on-page, and off-page SEO techniques If you don’t have a foundation, your effect will be halved even if you do your best in SEO. First, build your website with all the on-page, and off-page SEO techniques and all the internal measures.

If you don’t understand programming, it’s faster and better to outsource to an SEO Company that supports web production and operation design at the start of your business.

2. Direction setting

Keyword selection

There is no way to succeed in SEO if there is no direction and a road map. It is just the same as running at your full speed without a goal. At first, you have all your physical strength, but I run out of stamina on the way and that’s when you give up.

So it is of utmost required to set your path with a proper keyword selection as guided in our below blog.

How to select SEO keywords, Explained in 5 simple steps

3. Analysis & improvement

Access analysis & keyword ranking measurement

It’s good to just update your website, but it doesn’t make sense if the numbers don’t increase. By measuring access analysis and keyword ranking, you can judge whether the current behavior and content of your website are drawing the traffic or not.

Access analysis and keyword ranking measurement may be the most difficult part for Web beginners. And that’s why it is also the main job of an SEO consulting company.

If you can do above 1 to 3 by yourself, you don’t need a consultant. But if you can’t or don’t have time, maybe you should go for an SEO company

Today in SEO, Content is King

Today basically SEO is determined by your writing skills. If you can write articles that are read very much and are drawing traffic, more than half of your SEO game is won. Even if your website design is faulty and it needs improvement, you can do it or outsource it later.

A few examples of the issues that can be handled:

  1. Less or no keywords in the title
  2. The website is heavy
  3. UI is difficult to read
  4. Faulty Mobile responsiveness

Even if your content value is low and the amount of information is less or irrelevant, it is possible to raise the Google ranking. But even if it is raised, the user will leave fast and if there are many withdrawals, the ranking will drop eventually. But if there is good content, the ranking goes up naturally

We have summarized everything from the basics to advance to attract customers to the Web.

Total Know-how of Digital Marketing 

Various keywords will also rank high if you write well on a website with on-page SEO. Plus, your traffic access will continue to grow.

The most important point to growing your business smoothly with SEO
Number of actions × Number of trials and errors
This is the thumb rule not only for SEO but for the overall online customer acquisition

Number of actions = Number of Blogs in case of SEO

Number of trials and errors = Your writing ability in case of SEO

10 × 10 = 100

It is impossible to write and succeed in every blog you write. Even the best ones have a success rate of 30%, so it is natural for ordinary people to have 20% or less.

However, if your output is too small, it is less likely to get success with numbers. So first let’s be motivated to upload good content with a proper direction and structure.

Writing skills are also useful when writing press releases and making PowerPoint materials. So, there is no loss to learn!

As the saying goes – It is better to act a 100 times than to worry a 100 times

Initially, even if you are not very confident in your writing skills, you will learn them while improving every day.

Now if you add SEO company efforts, we personally feel that it will further enhance your game if you are not an expert in it. Let’s visualize it through a mathematical equation:

 Number of actions × Number of trials and errors × SEO Efficiency

10 × 10 × 1.5 = 150 (If your SEO Company is efficient enough)

With this kind of imagination, we feel it is better to request some work from the SEO experts for improvement and to accelerate your business.

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