June 20, 2024
Blogging SEO

How to do SEO on Blogs?

Blogging with SEO

Blogging with SEO

For those who want to know all about SEO before starting a blog


The article explains the pattern of failing because you are too conscious of SEO and how to start an effective blog. Please read this article if you are thinking of starting a blog or want to live your life with a blog, but are overburdened by the information loop.

Common failure pattern:
If you think too much about SEO, you won’t be able to write blogs

Some common mistakes we all do that stop us to start:

  1. How do I first become an expert in SEO?
  2. What search keyword should I aim for?
  3. What should I do with the number of characters?
  4. What should I do with the title?
  5. How can I gather more information?
  6. Am I missing something that I may regret later?

As a result, you are afraid to start writing. Everyone including us is like that. We have many times heard such stories.

So, we recommend you start first. You don’t have to aim for 100 points suddenly. Let’s start with 30 points.

The first thing to do when starting a blog: Create a good blog roadmap with SEO

If you are conscious of SEO, refer to this simple series we have created for you. Then you will automatically start discovering the patterns that suit your website.

  1. WordPress is a little difficult, but it is the most recommended because it increases a wide range of your web knowledge.
  2. Obtain your own domain instead of a free domain as explained in earlier articles. Free domains can incur unintended penalties.

For more information, what is SEO-optimized domain selection?

You must look at: What Domain name is best for SEO?

If you want to start blogging with WordPress while using your own domain, please read the following article.

How to start blogging with WordPress – Money, Profits, and SEO

What to do next:

Learn a minimum of SEO knowledge and blogging theory

Aim for minimal SEO knowledge and motivation through this series. It’s pretty basic, but it gives you solid SEO knowledge.

There are many books on blogging, but even if you buy them, there will be no dramatic change. There are people who buy books, but we feel that in the modern age of the internet and YouTube, it is a waste to buy information products.

We recommend that you would be better off looking at your traffic numbers and your user’s access analysis than focusing too much on gaining information.

Later steps:

Make your SEO game perfect one with the following baby steps:

  1. Get your titles checked with the proper keywords you want to get access through.
  2. Let your content have those few keywords as per your title.
  3. Better if you can make your keywords a link and again write content with those topics.
  4. Get your pages fast by lightening any images you have or any other media.
  5. For better readability make your font size big and line spaced properly.
  6. The user should be delighted reading your text and should not get bored of it.
  7. There must be useful and related links that connect the reader to his related interest.
  8. Page loading speed also depends on the length of your content so make it optimal.
  9. Check your all links should work and none of it should be broken.
  10. Your website’s overall health depends on the Google vitals shown by the tools explained above.
  11. The social media promotion also plays a vital role to make your website popular.
  12. Your URL structure has also a significant role in your SEO jump. If it has been structured as a proper tree, it will make more sense to Google search engine bots.
  13. You should also study your search competition. In this way, you should be able to understand and analyze some of the loopholes and mistakes that you may not like to repeat in your project.
  14. Observe that your target keywords necessarily match your target audience 

Final steps:

  1. You should keep writing and keep improvising by learning and observing the impact.
  2. It may take you some time to get the traffic jump on your pages the key is to keep putting content on your pages to keep the search engine bots growing by guiding them to come to your pages again and again.
  3. Aim for a solid SEO-optimized site, rather than a dull site with no visibility.
  4. Users trust the information that is accurate and tested by others. Not merely the analyzed data will help.
  5. There are many bloggers who have nailed every information and product of your niche. But there is always some information that your users are still looking and only you can provide them if you have already experienced them.
  6. So never be lazy or ignorant. Just find it and provide it. You can nail the untapped market soon.



When starting a blog, first of all, it is OK with a minimum of SEO knowledge

If you want to increase your knowledge of the Web in general, WordPress is recommended

For knowledge of SEO and motivation, you should keep reading this blog.

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