June 20, 2024

Who cannot earn from freelancing?


Who cannot earn from freelancing?

We have 10 years of experience earning from freelancing projects

Here let us explain to you the particular characteristics of the people who cannot make money by freelancing. You should understand in detail and learn from their mistakes. 

Some broader headings about the topics we will dig deeper into detail:

  1. Their number of proposals is small and delayed
  2. Less mental strength and motivation and ready to take up any work
  3. CV or Profile picture is too casual
  4. Less discipline and commitment level

These seem to be very simple things but there are many people who fail to avoid them. To put it the other way around, if you prepare these, you can receive work rapidly and you can earn in Lakhs a month. 

Also, understand in detail:

How to earn $5,000 per month as a freelance engineer

 Characteristics of people who cannot make money from freelancing

The conclusion is “There must be issues with their basics “.

Let’s dig deep into them to understand why these points are important.


1. Their number of proposals is small and delayed

The first important thing is the number of proposals to get to work. Let’s understand the feeling of the ordering side.

Feelings of the ordering party should be:
The applicant was quick in response and his CV, as well as his ability, looks good

So, when it comes to receiving orders, it depends a lot on “Your profile and timing.”Needless to say, the more you put your proposal ideas more your chance to get work. Also, it is quite important to apply early. The ordering party should solicit and make a proposal within 1-2 days if possible.  


2.    Less mental strength and motivation and ready to take up any work

A common example is “I’ll do anything with a low price”.  

Even if you overwork and finish the job, your body gets tired one day. So it shows less mental motivation about yourself if you undertake cheap work. Your enthusiasm may be great initially but in long run, it may not be the best policy to work crazy until you “overuse your body”.It is important to take good care of your body for long-term work policy. Being clear about your strengths is definitely essential to making long-term relations with clients.

Some EXAMPLES of creating your strengths:

  1. If you are a writer → Write articles about learning English by making use of your study abroad experience
  2. If you are an engineer → Deliver high-speed applications by using templates
  3. If you are a designer → Come up with two options your client can choose from
  4. If you are a teacher → Demonstrate your learning ideas through some videos


3.    CV or Profile picture is too casual

This is also a mystery from our point of view because a CV or a profile is the most important thing about your expressing abilities and some people are like “Let’s copy-paste it”. Wow….

So the basic idea is to understand that since a new client doesn’t know anything about you and your CV or profile is the first thing he meets. When asking for an order or a project from a client, it is important to exhibit a good level of communication and disciple in the first stages. This alone will increase your credibility.

If you can earn $1000 a month with freelance, you can aim for a monthly income of $3000 if you start working directly. Also, if you can consider and incorporate the following points:

  1. Make your profile picture clean, updated, and real
  2. Make your CV with updated information
  3. Your information should be loaded with your best advantages
  4. The client should get the necessary information for his project within seconds
  5. Your profile should be with the best graphics that can impress your work on web pages
  6. If you can think about your advantages you can come up with many

When it becomes possible to receive orders for you and finish the work on time, it becomes easy to gradually increase the number of direct sales by yourself, and your independence from asking for orders will become visible.


4.    Less discipline and commitment level

  1. You can create creative content or articles that can be delivered to your clients and show results very effectively.
  2. Your client-generated huge revenue from that content and eventually achieved a high level of trust in you and your work.
  3. Eventually, you start slipping away with your content delivery timelines and hence your trust and commission income.
  4. The reason was initially you were very fast beyond your ability.
  5. And now once you have reached your threshold ability level, you are not able to deliver as expected initially in your contract.  

Sometimes we feel that discipline and commitment are very burdensome to maintain and follow for a long time. That’s true if you over-commit yourself in the initial time of the contract. So few points to consider making your trust level maintained and not lose any contract are:

  1. First, analyze and commit not beyond your ability
  2. Learn from your experience and polish your negotiation skills
  3. Build your feedback record by requesting clients to express themselves
  4. Put all sales activities on board and receive direct orders

The freelancers who earn money religiously follow this procedure and depending on the person, they even excel in some of those to make huge money out of it. You can also do the same easily. 

All the best!

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