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What are the basic recommendations for affiliate beginners?


What are the basic recommendations for affiliate beginners?

(Importance of taking action)

Before starting to think and plan as a first step, it is important to TAKE ACTION.

First, Gain Affiliate Basic Knowledge:
1. Let’s reach a more detailed level than ordinary people.2. 2nd line
3. Let’s learn ASP, affiliate method, and product selection as basic knowledge of affiliates.
4. In addition, it summarizes how to absorb know-how from the sites that earn money

However, you cannot move fast unless you actually start doing the stuff and experience it from your hit and trial. So start now

  1. Learn the importance of gathering information and taking action for affiliate beginners.
  2. The combination of knowledge and action creates real value.
  3. There are many affiliate books and information over the internet but the contents are more or less similar.
  4. There are many types of affiliates, but the most popular one is the blog affiliate.
  5. To start with the basic information: About Digital marketing 

Next step: You need writing skills to convince your readers and guide them to your purchase. You should be able to handle the outline and specific writing for affiliates to some extent. 

Now how to start with an affiliate?

  1. First of all, it is important to understand keywords, especially long tail keywords. It is said that Amazon’s success is due to the long tail keyword. Have a look: Long tail keywords
  2. The most important thing about affiliates is the words that move the reader. However, the writing techniques to manipulate people to the wrong purchases should be avoided.
  3. The correct writing technique that guides people is writing that moves people from a psychological point of view. People who make huge money as affiliates have the skill of explaining and guiding the reader towards purchase.
  4. You can learn writing that moves people with the forbidden writing technique that manipulates and you can learn the ability to create sentence structure in the writing format they like.

And then, the experiment hit, and the trial is what follows:

 The general theory that is whenever we start new work and we want to gain experience we need to go through the hit and trial process many times. Write your own content fearlessly. But make sure it is your own content and without any copy-paste of any other webpage.

The reason why your own original content is required is that people know the world through the internet already and of course before them, Google knows you better. It will not let you succeed in ranking if your content is copy pasted from any other website.

So write the correct language and precise words with your own produced content.

Next, you should write with concrete examples:

  1. Show the people that you already know and have a deep understanding of the product or service you are endorsing in your content.
  2. Make them understand by giving a few concrete examples and let them build a trust factor in you.
  3. Better if you have a real experience of that product or service, you can and you should then definitely endorse it.
  4. It is way easy and better to guide them to the product this way.

Show honestly:

  1. Definitely write the good things but only to the limit of truth. Don’t put false claims and try to convey the bad points also.
  2. This way your trust is more built up because the reader will feel that you are not 100% with the product but you are actually with the customer.
  3. Write a conclusion with your own opinion about purchasing or not purchasing the product.
  4. Better if you can give honest advice about buying benefits and disadvantages to make things more candid and clear.
  5. You don’t have to do everything strictly according to this, but it’s important to remember the fundamental theory.

Note: Google Adsense is an advertising tool provided by Google, and Google Analytics is an access analysis tool provided by Google. You don’t have to worry about your content being tested or not, you can just analyze it through these tools. That’s it!

What Affiliate Beginners Should Do Before gathering info [Important]

It’s all about “Searching it, Reading it, and Starting work.

“A common failure pattern is to keep reading the information, try to be perfect in your knowledge, and then only start acting. This is a definite path to failure. Keep putting content while actually creating a site and while making constant changes to improve in it.

Affiliate Tasks Are Simple

①: Create a site’

‘②: Write articles

That’s it!

As you become an intermediate and advanced affiliate, you will need other knowledge such as outsourcing articles and understanding of backlinks, but if you are too greedy from the beginning, you will just get lost because there is too much information. First, input the minimum amount of content on your site and then put all the advanced things into practice. This is important. For advanced study please go through:

How to earn from blogging 

So first things first ①: Create a website

Even though it’s a website, it’s OK to start with writing simple blogs. Nowadays, anyone can start a website with just a few clicks, so it’s easy for anyone. The specific method is explained in the written article.

How to start a blog using WordPress profits, and income 

Next things to do ②: Write articles

Let’s write while reading the text styles and about keywords that we have told in our blog articles. We introduced earlier that obviously, you can’t write a beautiful and SEO-perfect blog from the very beginning. But your writing skills will definitely improve if you continue it every day. 

First, write it and publish it to the world. Keep repeating it while watching the reaction and access from the reader.

All the best!

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