May 28, 2024

How to Earn Money from Blogging?

earn money from blogging

How to Earn Money from Blogging?

We have been blogging for many years and made hundreds of sites. This is our complete know-how – How to make money from Blogs – Profits, expenses, and methods.

We will explain how to make blogging your “Earning of life”

  1. First of all, make your target $500 a month. Depending on the ingenuity, you can exceed $10,000 a month.
  2. For complete beginners – It is a step-by-step explanation from scratch
  3. It can be applied to blogs and all other methods to earn online
  4. We focus on “Earning from blogs”, but the essence of this article is “Online customer attraction & Sales methods”
  5. It can also be applied to affiliate sites as well as to physical store-type businesses. 

The essence is “PV x CTR x CVR” 

Translating technical terms into simpler terms:

It is “Attracting customers x click rate x purchase rate”

All sales in the internet world are determined by this formula. This formula is simple however, the content is deep. We show the detailed contents in our own way and make it a teaching material for you based on our actual experience. 

The divided contents are as follows.

  1. The mindset of earning from blogs
  2. Learn from the story of every blogger or content creator.
  3. “Experience” is the most important word in the business world.
  4. Once you are above the level of earning $100 a month, your world will change
  5. It is all about “PV x CTR x CVR”
  6. Will books make you money with Blog-type Affiliates?
  7. Make blogging as Earning of your life

Without any here and there talk let’s quickly start from Point 1:

Point 1: Mindset of earning from blogs

It is more of a business mindset than simple blogging. In the beginning, many people don’t have this mindset, so they get frustrated on the way. The internet business world is “Harder than you can imagine”. But the correct mindset can surpass this hurdle if it is determined as: “Continued efforts can win any game”. 

Point 2: Learn from the story of every blogger or content creator.

You may have to continue 10 hours of work every day for an initial time (Maybe for a few months) to start your earnings. But if you look at the brighter side, you are heading towards your own income that you are going to earn staying at your home, working with your own timings without a Boss.

Write about 100 articles on your blog, revenue may frustrate you at the beginning of a month. But keep going down the line you can generate 200 articles or relevant content for the audience you have built till now you can earn about $100 a month. 

Point 3: “Experience” is the most important word in the business world.

In the past, many people think, “Suddenly start a business → I should be able to earn money the next month.” But in modern times, we think it’s the most easygoing thought one can have because it is no fairy tale. 

You may think “Oh… it’s hard” after reading this far, but this is the fact. We are writing without hiding anything. Those who wish to Exit can exit reading up till now. 

The rest of you can keep reading and get deeper into the success ways. The reason why we are writing it openly is that we want to deliver it to you quick and real. By the time you are reading it, you should realize that with experience and work energy you will be able to keep taking further actions.

Point 4: Once you are above the level of earning $100 a month, your world will change

From there, there will be many twists and turns, your learning will increase rapidly and the monthly revenue from blogs can exceed $500. Along with the money, you will get: Mental stability back from earningGain confidence in the knowledge of Internet business If you think about it, you understand that in the Internet world, there are no land costs, no labor costs, and no initial costs. Only earnings and knowledge are there that you can again share to get more earnings. If you can put some labor by yourself your profit will increase. In other words, it is an overwhelmingly efficient system that you are going to start with.

Point 5: It is all about “PV x CTR x CVR”

As explained below. 

PV: Number of blog accesses

CTR: Click Through the Ratio of ads

CVR: Probability of selling a product

Most people despair, “I worked hard on my blog, but I can’t make any money…”The answer is in the three things explained above in other words, if you analyze and find the cause from the above three, you rectify it or improve it, you can almost certainly clear the number of “$500 a month”.

Point 6: Will books make you money with Blog-type Affiliates?

There are various “blog management books” and “web marketing books” in the world. However, why most of them exist because there is a deficiency of information. Some books focus on “affiliates,” some books focus on “blog management,” and some books focus on “web marketing.”

A blog-type affiliate textbook will never make your blogs as your “Earning of life”, it is a way of making yourself satisfied only with some knowledge and the effort you put in to gather it. There is no book that can solve this if we say it straight, so let’s jump into some practical knowledge sharing and we are now going to move on to the “Actual Action Phase.” While explaining the action phase, we will also mention the mindset side as needed. 

Point 7: Make Blogging your Earning of Life

Important: You don’t need perfection from the beginning

Let’s first throw away this “perfectionism”. For example:

  1. I will make it a completely 100% satisfying “design”.
  2. I will find it a completely 100% satisfying “blog name”.
  3. I will create a completely 100% satisfying “working environment”.
  4. Anything that is completely 100% satisfying.

These all should be thrown out of your mind first. Regarding the design, there should be no problem with the free WordPress themes. You can change the blog name as often as you like later. There are not many disadvantages to start with little imperfections (You can always amend them later).

Also, many people ask –

There is no “recommended PC for blog writing”.

“How should I go head typing it even if I have a great idea and good knowledge about a particular thing?”

Is it really possible to earn money with the knowledge I have?

Anything is OK as long as you can type the letters. If you can afford your time for it or want to chill at a café with your Macbook Pro or even a simple windows PC, all is a good choice once you enter into learning SEO techniques and a little bit of digital marketing with your social media handled in a fun way! Not in any sort of stressful way of doing things. For a further detailed road map keep reading our below articles:

Next step to take to earn from Blogs 

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