April 13, 2024

What are the steps to earn from Blogs?


What are the steps to earn from Blogs?

The next step (after reading the mind make-up article about Blogs) is to arrange and set up the following things. It is all summarized in step-by-step form so follow it as it is.

  1. Server purchase and set up
  2. Theme selection
  3. Domain name registration
  4. Blog name selection
  5. About error occurrence in server settings
  6. Is it okay if you are not good at writing sentences
  7. If your website is displayed as unsafe… buy an SSL certificate
  8. SEO is a must to earn from blogs
  9. Sell the product


Point 1: Server purchase and set up

As we have explained every now and then, you can purchase any medium-level specifications server and get yourself started with a normal plan it doesn’t matter much for the initial time. Some of our recommendations are GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator, or X server.


Point 2: Theme selection

Almost all modern themes are perfect for blogging. If you worry too much, it will be a waste of time, so decide in one day. Our recommendation is to go with FREE themes as they are easy to handle also. 


Point 3: Domain name registration

Frankly speaking, any domain name is OK unless it doesn’t seem to be fishy. If you get lost, for the time being, you can choose whatever is closest to your product name and you can imagine people searching it by typing it in Google’s search bar.

There are also “.com”, “.org” and “.net”, but anything is OK for SEO as well. If possible, choose “.com” or “.net” because it is a domain name that most people are familiar with, so you will not feel distrust. However, it’s OK with other domains too if you don’t get any suitable ones. There are very few people who care much about domain names while searching for their needs.


Point 4: Blog name selection

Likewise, the blog name too doesn’t have any particular effect and you can choose any. The effect has to be built later by putting meaningful and useful content along with some SEO techniques provided in every article.

One thing we would like to recommend is that negative expressions should be avoided. For example, [People who piss a hard time in life]. If you have a special strategy, it’s OK, but if not, it’s better to avoid such kinds of quirky blog names.


Point 5: About error occurrence in server settings

If you get an error in your server settings, contact your server or domain company immediately because if such things are delayed, there can be an impact on your online visibility later.

If you get the error “Cannot access this site”, or a 404 error, it may be waiting for your domain to penetrate. In that case, there may not be a point to worry about. It may take 24 hours to get online. 


Point 6: Is it okay if you are not good at writing sentences

Yes, it is okay. When writing a blog, you don’t need the most beautiful sentences to convey your feelings or your knowledge. Even the readers are comfortable with short and easy sentences. So think about the reader and keep writing.

Even if you are not good at writing, it is okay if you can summarize what you want to convey in your own words. 


Point 7: If your website is displayed as unsafe… buy an SSL certificate

This could take about 24 hours. Also please do it under the supervision of a technical person because there can be many plans and schemes and you can purchase an expensive one or a discounted one as per the level of your understanding so it is better to be in touch with someone who knows the details. 


Point 8: SEO is a must to earn from blogs

Let’s understand the basics of earning online and from blogging by reading:

Digital marketing basics and


How to start blogging – Money, Profits, and SEO

 Here is the most important section for the people who can’t make money by blogging because they don’t understand this part.

What is the essence of earning online?

Again and again, it’s as follows.


This is really the most important thing, so if you don’t understand it, please read this part over and over again. If you understand this, your range of applications will expand. This time, we will take “earning profits from affiliates” as an example, but you can also attract customers to actual stores and cafes. Furthermore, it is possible to sell your own products on Social media. 

For example: If you want to sell a product, remember these “Three elements”
Trademark keywords
Revenue keywords
Keywords to get customers
This is “almost everything” to learn, practice, and earn in the affiliate market.

We will explain the three elements in order. Now let’s break down the three elements.

Trademark Keyword: [Product Review]

Revenue Keyword: [Recommended product website]

Keyword for attracting customers: [How to get this/Benefits] 

When you shop online, you search for word-of-mouth for final confirmation namely “Reviews”.

That’s why everything is about “Page Views”.

Let’s remember the most important thing when making money through blogs is:

 “PV x CTR x CVR” 

So far, we have talked about “PV (Page Views)”.

Now, we will dig deeper into the story and proceed with the amount of PV.

People when looking up the reviews of your product and if they are good, are highly likely to click on your product advertisement to go to your official website.  

That makes your CTR (Click through Ratio) high 

Those who are searching for your product, after reading the article explaining how your product can be useful for them and they are satisfied with the article.  


Point 9: Sell the product

This is the most important point in time. Once you understand how to handle this, you will be able to make money from the internet, including blogs. This is the basis of online sales.  

Let’s understand CVR: Conversion Rate

CVR conversion rate cannot be handled manually because it depends on the product sales page, so let’s give up on that for a while. But remember the driving force will always be the same as explained above.

Your product may be great, but if your product page is not as good as your actual product and your driving skills to navigate people to that page, your effort is wasted and your final money conversion is reduced.

So, now you can understand the concept of conversion rate. In order to earn money with a blog-type affiliate, the act of “Selling a product” is essential. 

Also, it is also important to “Choose a product that is easy to sell.”In blog-type affiliate marketing, the basic idea is to “Sell those products that people really use”.

So keep in mind this concept of “CVR”. Because, if you register on an affiliate site and you see the CVR number being too low, it is an indicator that you should avoid that product.

That’s it about earning online and getting yourself recognized as an online earner or being a Digital influencer. All the best!

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